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  1. OK, my drive is: Barracuda ES.2, 500GB ST3500320NS PN:9CA154-783 HP Model: GB0500C8046 Firmware: HPG1 now is having HPG6 1. I followed the steps that johnmar presented in his post here execept that my drive did not showed the message LED: 000000CC... every few seconds it just showed it once and after that the terminal locked and I can't write anything in it. 2. After LED: 000000CC... message I had to short all 4 points usig tweezers (2 by 2 not all 4 together) from the picture that johnmar posted (the two ones surrounded with red and the two ones surrounded with green) 3. Keep that 4 pins shorted for 30 seconds or more, hard drive motor stopped and the terminal was unlocked and responded to CTRL+Z command 4. Followed standard instructions that johnmar posted 5. Checked the drive to see if everithing is OK, connected to the computer in normal way and made a backup with everything from it 6. Downloaded the file that jaclaz recomended from here, tried a lot of other possibilities from HP but nothing worked because I did not had the proper hardware to run or even to install them. 7. Downloaded HP USB Key Utility version 1.7 from here, I have tried also version 1.1 if i remember correctly but it did'nt worked since I'm on Windows 7. 8. I have set the controller to emulate IDE in my motherboard BIOS 9. Booted from the USB stick, updated the hard drive firmware to HPG6 without problems. If anyone needs more support I'll try to answer as soon as I can.
  2. I had the same problem with 1 GB0500C8046, I've managed to recover it using informations from this thread and thanks to jaclaz now is running on firmware HPG6. Thank you again jaclaz.
  3. Hello Christian, my hard drive is still having the LC15 firmware on, pls explain how to download it and I can send it to you.
  4. Actually to see how it behaves, you should fill it with non-junk data. I mean, if you fill it with junk data and you get back junk, HOW will you detect that is not "different junk"? "junk vs. corrupted junk" - a new frontier.... jaclaz "junk files" I mean I fill it with some HD video and audio files from another drive, use this drive for playback from now on and compare the data from both drives from time to time.
  5. Thank you jaclaz I will see how drive is working in the next few weeks/months and if I'm not finding the exact firmware for him the next thing will be a firmware forced update. Now i run some test on it and try to fill it with junk data to see how it behaves.
  6. The unbrick procedure worked well (I'm not at first try to unbrick a Seagate drive, with a good cable/interface/connectors, a little attention at commands and some basic electronics knowledge anyone can try ) I use this drive only for non-important data like video and audio files. Let's see how often the drive get bricked and if this will be often then I will try to force the firmware update, as you say the update command must be in a .ini file but i didn't try to find out yet.
  7. After some search for information on the internet I found that this firmware is made by Lacie and after days of ping-pong emails with LaCie support the final answer is that: Jon L. Posted: January 14, 2011 @ 11:45 AM Hello Florin, Again, we do not warranty or support the component parts inside the drive; we only warranty the overall unit. (they want to say that the drive came from an LaCie enclosure and they support only the unit, not just the drive) While you are free to do whatever you wish with component parts inside the drive you purchased from us, Seagate and LaCie both are not under any obligation to provide support for component parts that were disassembled from a different device. Again, I can assure you the firmware on the drive mechanism is not made by LaCie. We do not make firmware for bare drive mechanisms. I sent an email regarding this to Seagate support and I'm still waiting for the answer, after that I dont know what can I do next. If i will try somehow to put a new firmware from like 6HSD1B.LOD om my drive assuming that the drive is the same with 6 head do you think that this might kill the drive?
  8. Hello, I have this drive: Seagate ST31000333AS 1TB P/N : 9FZ136-100 Firmware:LC15 Site code:TK It was in BSY state, i used this solution and now the hard drive is unbricked, everything worked well If I try to download a new firmware from Seagate they say that a new firmware is available for my product and I have to contact OEM for this new firmware, I even chat with a guy from Seagate support and he say that he cant give me the OEM for this drive because of a stupid agreement that they have with the OEM reseller. After some search I found that this firmware is made by LACIE (SD-Seagate, LC-Lacie). I tried with the Brinks-3D6H-SD1B.ISO from here to make the update but seems to be impossible because this firmware is only for P/N 9FZ136-300 and 9FZ136-558. Can anyone help me with a new firmware for my drive or at least with a solution. Thank you