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  1. WPI v8.4.6 Release thread

    thank you mate is there any video tut how to create WPI so i get some idea i read but i am confused !!!
  2. add theme

    hey u used uXtheme plz check option in nLite maybe then it will work
  3. Know about Nlite this indows

    Thanks to all i know those commands i.e %system32% etc but when this is used where i put my file wait suppose i am installing flash player i make silent setup so where i put it and how this RunPnce commands will know where my file is
  4. [How To] Create Your Own Add-ons / zcworld video

    thnkx a lot friends i learn a lot
  5. Know about Nlite this indows

    hi when using nlite there is a step called "RunOnce" Tab what this do ? can anybody give me a example ! and how it work and second how can i bypass windaows key becoz when i make changes then it ask for key , but in original it didnt require any key
  6. hi I Need addon file which can run my silent setup files ... i just need a addon file where i put my silent setupand it excute them and any other mathod to run my silent setup through nLite plz help me !
  7. Easy things to remeber / Requesting Add-ons...

    [REQUEST] : Yahoo Messenger 11 Wallpaper Changer
  8. nlte silent installation help needed

    thanks for reply !! i just need file that just excute my silent setup file. i make my setup file sient when u click it install in desired location u have to just click so i need file or addon so i edit that addon and put my setup file and during installation or after windows installation my file install through that addons ...
  9. nlte silent installation help needed

    hi i have make silent installation of some apps can somebody tell me how can i make addons of those silent setups so during setup this file also install plz help me
  10. hi

    hi i am bluesmoke