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  1. Anyone using these files to update s2k8r2 or have update files specific to it?
  2. An interesting solution. Manual slipstreaming. I'll have to give it a try.
  3. Sure dont mean to violate terms of use, thanks for clarifying the useage. Since I cant use nLite as I setup this terminal, would you be open to suggest another slipstream software that would be OK fine for my use? Or in the alternative, is it possible to pay for a commercial version of Nlite so I can use it for this install? If not, know that all the help I've recieved from you folks up until now is appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the reply Allen2, I only have one hard drive and it is connected to the sata 3 port per the manual. I also tried one of the sata 2 ports directly on the board with the blue screen result I do not blue screen when in IDE mode When you slipstreamed, which controller did you choose? Will try the cable swap but I doubt that is my problem since the drive shows up OK fine in UEFI. Just to see what will happen I'm trying the f6 floppy install with the W7/32 controller and a copy of W7 I have. Perhaps I'm having an issue with my XP disk..
  5. This is really strange, I did enable AHCI and when I open the Bios it shows as being selected. As I metioned in an earlier post, If I change the setting to IDE, the OS will go thru loading and give me the set partition screen, change it back and blue screen. When you did your install, did you also do it by floppy or by slipstream? Either way, which controller did you select? Another thing I noticed was my SATA cable hooked to the drive is the one with the 90 degree end and it is hooked to the sata 3 controller. The Drive is visible in the Bios as well.
  6. Just tried the controller you suggested by floppy choosing the Desktop/Workstation controller (other choices were ICH7R/DH, ICH7RMDW, and the moble chipset). Blue screen and 7b error again.
  7. Commercial version? Bear in mind it is not my job to cusomize operating systems.
  8. @Fernando 1, I appreciate your concern and really appreciate your help. I'm actually not an IT professional but a real estate paralegal. It is a long story but at the end of the day I am building this workstation for use at my job. The managing partner at the firm I work at had a hard drive crash a few months ago. Their corpoarate IT support provider wanted crazy money for 3 year old technology to replace the work station Since he knew I built my own HTPC (what I'm using right now), I told the boss I would tight him up. That's how I ended up here. I built him a Gigabyte z68mx with an SSD running XP. Now it's my turn. Not sure if that makes me a commercial user or not but I'm not selling hardware or in the computer business.
  9. I have been in the bios and AHCI is enabled. And the board will start the OS load if I enable in IDE. Trying the F6 driver listed by Allen2 above now.
  10. Is that for work ? Yes it is for work, Several legacy programs and we're stuck with XP until they pull the trigger on a company wide upgrade.
  11. Also Just discovered my XP sp3 disk is likely a volume licence version, possibly meaning it could be a nock off This is getting more fun by the minute.. It but it did pass the validation test on another terminal after getting a new key from brother Bill. How does one source a known legit XP sp3 disk these days?
  12. I used the driver found on the mainboard page that is listed below, Not the one shown on the page you linked to. Funny that Gigabyte would show an older driver on the board page... Intel SATA Preinstall driver (For AHCI / RAID Mode) Note: Press F6 during Windows setup to read from floppy. 0.37 MB 2012/5/30
  13. Why do you want to create a second disk? And which "both chipet drivers" do you mean? I always recommend to use the "one driver" integration method, because it is the safest one to get just the driver you want and nothing else. I am using CD-R as my media, so I assumed I had to make a new disk for each slipstream. By both drivers I was referring to the 7 series with 316 and 7 series without. You are suggesting the one driver method and silipstream them both individually into the same install disk, Yes? Also I noticed that after the nLite procedeure, the folder that I copied the sp3 disk into now has additional files showing (the slipstreamed files no doubt). Are these the files that are in nLite when I am asked if I want to use the previous session? I usually right click and delete them in nLite but noticed they are still there in the source folder. I'm not so well versed with nLite so I'm not so certain how should I deal with those files, both in nLite and in the source folder...
  14. Interesting, Now the slipstreamed disk I used a few months ago on the Z68 board with a SSD using the 10.8 driver will not load the OS on the same board with a 250gb Velociraptor. I'm off to get more blank CD's...
  15. @submix8c, I reviewed both the manual and website for a definitive answer to the chipset question and found none. Unless I am blind, it is also not contained on the link you kindly provided. @Fernando 1, reasonalbly good chance my XP source disk is useable as I was able to slipstream with it to a Gigabyte Z68m-ud2h-b3 board and an M4 SSD a few months ago. However I did have acitvation issues and had to get a key directly from Microsoft. There is another one of those boards here and I was thinking to use it with that disk just to (hopefully) get this terminal up and running. But if that gets this terminal up an running I still have to revisit the B75 board and will probably make a disk with both chipset drivers. when I intigrate should setup to do it selecting the one driver at a time or multi driver folder? To all, thanks again for the arrow pointing

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