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  1. Auto Reboot after logoff

    Eheh, time has done it, I've found a way to do this so I thought I'd share it for those who are interested I use a rebooter in combination with psexec (sysinternals tool) and sleep.exe to go through My main logoff script copies the rebooter batch file to windows\temp then calls it with this command psexec -d "c:\windows\temp\rebooter.bat" rebooter.bat IF (%1)==() goto relaunch goto doreboot :relaunch psexec -d c:\windows\temp\rebooter.bat truc goto eof :doreboot sleep 15 shutdown -r -t 00 -f :eof exit Of course it's not a really clean way to do it, but it works... Psexec completely detach the rebooter batch from the logoff process, so finishing the logoff does not kill the batch, and once logoff is finished, shutdown command is accepted at last ... a whole day to find this trick, but now it's available to everyone
  2. Auto Reboot after logoff

    Hello I couldn't find a way to do this but maybe a genius could help me here I'm searching a way to Initiate a reboot when a user loggs off in certain conditions only The complete shceme is here I have a script that set Windows 3GB mode on when logging on some partical Users (domain policy) Once 3GB mode is active computer reboots and log on automatically with the same user name. What I would like is to make the computer reboot automatically when this user loggs off, and the computer was not set to 3GB mode before first login The matter is that it seems the logoff process is recognized as a "shutdown" option by Windows, So VBScript reboot and Shutdown commands can not run since a "shutdown" procedure is already running If anyone has an idea I'll take it
  3. Auto Log Off After Log on in XP

    Try to use the shift key down while opening the session maybe it's a program loaded in startup folder that tries to close the session ...
  4. Video Driver Uninstall

    Try to use the "f8"key before windows starts and choose VGA mode it should disable any video driver before starting windows
  5. windows network + wallpaer

    Loading BGinfo.exe from sysinternals at boot with premade configuration can be cool too
  6. I want to remove accessories folder

    ECHO.Y | DEL "%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories should get the job done too, by answering "y" to the question :-D good old batch trick ;-)
  7. Forbid access to usb drives

    This is good chilifrei I used this settings but I applied it in a different way, I think yours is far better so I consider this as a good answer
  8. Forbid access to usb drives

    Using active directory I know about device lock but it is not free at all
  9. Forbid access to usb drives

    easy way but I need USB for Wacom tablets to get to work ... and sometimes firewire to plug camcorders but for that I can manage manually to activate and disable firewire in the bios.
  10. Forbid access to usb drives

    Hello I don't know if this is the right place to post but here we go I need to forbid access to USB Drives, iPods and other external storage devices on some computer, I found a tweak some times ago by setting registry start to 0x04 for USBSTOR class It worked for a time, but users found that unplug the USB mouse and replace it with the storage seems to work I would of course need a free solution for it to work (or not work more precisely ) I couldn't find a post talking about it on MSFN so I'm sorry if this is a re-re-repost of already talked subject
  11. iTunes Silent setup

    an advance in some ways ... the -3 response in the logfile means I do not have enough information in the iss file so it could be because quicktime's already installed on some systems... I'll continue my investigations
  12. iTunes Silent setup

    indeed this is my real trouble, I already made multiple tries with the setup.iss file but it never worked (working with a hundred, or thousand I never remember the good one for 100, with each different configs and setups) thanks anyway
  13. iTunes Silent setup

    hello sorry if this is an already seen post but I couldn't find any info working for me to install itunes silently the /S /v /qn switch won't work and always report an error 3 in the install log maybe beacause QuickTime is already installed on some computers ... I can't figure out how I can make it to work fine so please any help would be great