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  1. Okay, so I found out there was a Win32 port of snort. So I got all of that running and using my MS SQL Server. I am somewhat happy. Now I have an ACID problem. When I go to graph data, I get this error: Now, I scoured google, and found posts in other forums about the same thing, but none had answers. When I put ACID into debug mode, I can clearly see it recognizes my data, but somewhere along the line, it doesn't get sent to JpGraph. I think I narrowed the problem down to acid_graph_display.php, but I am not sure where the problem is in this file (this file seems to be responsible for creating the graph objects). Can anyone help me?
  2. I recently migrated to Windows Server 2003 from Linux. Under Linux I used to use snort, mysql, acid and apache to do NIDS. I would like to utilize snort, and acid in Windows, but using SQL Server 2000. I don't want to install mysql or apache. I know snort has been ported over using the winpcap driver, and IIS has a php interpreter that can be installed. Is there any type of intermediary that would take thos mysql calls from snort and ACID, and turn them into MS SQL Server commands? Or, is there a version of snort and ACID that have already been converted to use MS SQL? Worse comes to worse, I will end up installing mySQL, but would prefer not to, because I require SQL Server for other tasks.
  3. I am a MSDN subscriber, so I downloaded it as soon as possible. I like it much more than I like XP. The skin is nicer, Outlook is a large improvement. One question though, do I get the CD pack for free since I am a subscriber? Or am I limited to downloading (I am a new subscriber)? I just received my first shipment yesterday, and it didn't have Office Systems 2003 Beta 2, that's why I ask.
  4. Why not install it using the add a role function, then tweak it from there? I have had complete success doing that.
  5. My understanding is that this feature has become relatively pointless with the introduction of Volume Shadow Copy. I always disable system restore on my XP machines, but back when I used ME (for like 2 weeks, it was such a horrible experience), I only used system restore to restore files I accidentally deleted. I actually prefer Volume Shadow Copy because it allows me to view up to 64 previous versions, taking up minimal space, and I choose which one to restore upon based on the data within it, instead of guessing and checking.
  6. I am also wondering something similar. I want to setup Windows Server 2003 on my workstation, because most of my work is in development (I play games rarely now, and can sort all that out later). I own the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop for Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo, and love this keyboard and mouse. When I attempted to install the drivers, I got an invalid OS messagebox that closed the installation. So then I tried compatibility mode, and still no go. Does anyone know of a way to make this keyboard and mouse work (Even the bluetooth enumerator driver won't properly install). This is the only thing keeping me from converting.
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