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  1. the first thing to do when you get a problem of this nature is to unplug and/or remove anythign that is not necessary. Thats means everything, all usb devices, additional external devices, additional hard drives, even cdrom drives. Only leave what is necessary to boot. If it boots correctly, than all you have to do is put it all back on piece by piece to isolate the problem. Somtimes extreme measures need to be taken like removing sound cards/video cards/nics if possible. Anyways, this is the first thing I try when i have a problem. Saved me from doing a complete fromat when caugt in a bluescreen/reboot loop.
  2. I can't seem to use my copy of Partition Magic 8.0 on Windows Server 2003 like I could on XP. Any suggestions? I filled my primary document partition and I need to swap some free space over from my OS and paging file drive.
  3. Today I rebooted and iTouch randomly deceded to start working. Go figure.
  4. I also have the "Cordless Optical Freedom" combo and I've got the same problems. iTouch installs alright, but immediately closes and when you drag your mouse over the tray icon it disappears. I have however, discovered a way to install the newest version of Mouseware. In an email I just sent to Andy: "I know a whole lot of people use Logitech mice and keyboards (I use “Cordless Optical Freedom” and a simple “Optical Mouse” incase the batteries run out), and If you try to install the most recent version of MouseWare (9.76) you will get an error message similar to: “Our software can’t run on your system!”. Now this is irritating because it is an extremely useful tool for configuring your Logitech mice to work effectively in games and other applications. Well after being inspired by the article that explains how to install “Plus! For Windows XP” on Server 2003, I decided to go to work on the Logitech problem. I first tried the same command line approach which obviously wasn’t going to work due to the fact that the install is not a .msi file type, so I scraped that idea. What I did next was double clicked the install file, and waited while it unpacked and before closing the error message, I located the temporary folder it had created and copied all the setup files to another folder. I then went into the properties of Setup.exe and went into the compatibility mode tab and ran the setup in “Windows XP” compatibility mode. And guess what? The software saw my OS as windows XP and then successfully installed. I thought that this method might be worth while to include on your guide but maybe provide the users with a .zip version of the setup files with instructions. (I can provide this if necessary)" Hope this helps you guys out, keeps your eyes open on the iTouch problem, I'm sure logitech will eventually release new software.
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