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  1. ya man i spent night and day trying to fix that problem, but now 2k3 kicks so much a** love it! OH also you have run itouch in compatibility mode --> windows xp or 2000 your choice and you may have to add itouch into your startup folder as well..
  2. Hey ok to all that had itouch installation problems, i've figured out away based on my own knowledge and those of other boards (thx to everyone that had ideas) NEwayz, the way i did it was this: When you install itouch it doesn't seem to update the mouse drivers properly so what i had to do is install the mouse drivers manually. NOw you're wondering "WTF? manually? its an exe file!" well this is what your going to have to do. When you run the itouch software it will uncompress all its files into your windows temp directory so windows\temp directory i believe you might have to check on that.. Then from the extracted files you will be able to grab the INF files for your keyboard. Then you go to control panel --> system --> device manager and update your keyboard drivers (lead windows to ITCH.inf). I checked to see what my keyboard registered as in WINXP and these are the keyboard devices i installed from the logitech drivers: 'easy internet keyboard' & 'logitech HID-compliant Keyboard' . Then when you run itouch it will work. The only problem ive experienced with this is every time i reboot my comp and itouch starts up it thinks it is the first time running so you'll get all that popup crap as if you just installed the program. Hope this helps you all Have fun...
  3. has anyone been able to get logitech's itouch software to work to be able to use the multimedia keys on the keyboard? anyone know a workaround to get the multimedia keys to work? Thanks In Windows Server 2003 Standard

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