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  1. hello, For years I used forticlient (version 5.0 to 5.2, it is said that even 5.4 could be possible with xp). In my opinion a very good one. Now since 3 months one of my xp config stopped working with BSOD using it, while another config works flawlessly with it. No show off, small footprint, realtime, found it amazing. But you can't download signatures manually. for those who don't like automatic updates, it's possible to set them off through a config file. I still don't understand why one config is working fine with it while the other doesn't. Frustrating. If I do a clean install of xp I'll give forticlient a new try. In the meantime I use AVG free, not the best, with messages like "you're not completely protected" blablabla you should upgrade to full version... but it works. And ProcessGuard helps too. and it's free.
  2. Me too my ssds are considered "unsupported" but the trim works for me anyway! I guess you cannot update firmware, but Trim works.
  3. not sure about secure erase, but the manual trim works. At least with my ssds (intel, noname kingfast), not sure with ALL ssds.
  4. And there is also a free toolbox working for me with xp, and fat32 : Naraeon ssd tools. Didn't work in v.4, but now it works flawlessly! It's a samsung engineer who made it. link : https://sourceforge.net/projects/naraeon-ssd/
  5. I'm wondering if processguard could protect us, since it blocks physical memory attacks, or better to say it disables access to physical memory in some situations...
  6. Hello, Since I'm using xp /pos updates with fat32 (working so well), I think I'm not concerned with th KB4056615 update (NTFS stuff). About Spectre and Meltdown now : I have an intel core 2 duo cpu T5300, another laptop with core 2 duo T7200, another with celeron M520. Many said ALL intel cpus for 20 years except Atom (and some few others) are affected. Others said that core 2 duo are not affected. Intel offered microcode patch for linux, and in the list, there is core 2 duo. So... I'm confused. Core 2 duo : Affected or not? I'm wondering if a program like processguard could block the issues (it includes memory protect - so speculative execution could not be tracked in the ram?). Thank you so much.
  7. Thank you. Not the answer to my questions anyway. I guess I should be happy with what I got already.
  8. "Another last question please" - (Columbo) If I understood well, a manual trim could last few seconds. It informs the ssd/garbage collection of what should done only. It does not perform the work. GC does. So, when a program is supposed to manually trim xp, and when it does it, the ssd drive led is on for 5 to 10mn, I guest it's not a real trim ; it is a trim-like process like zero or 1111 filling free space, no? I read many many things on internet ; it was said that intel's manual trim is based on "file parse", something supported with NTFS, not with fat32. And by the way the software called SSD-Tweaker pro can manually trim xp with NTFS, not with fat32 O&O defrag can trim fat32, unless it is the system partition (with xp). Strange. I used solid state doctor 3 to trim my fat32 system, it says it's fine. But no improvement. After doin manual trim with anvil's storage utility (see above : trim-like, lasts 5 to 10mn), everything is better. Don't understand. Trim-like better than true trim? Thanks.
  9. Sure, not so relevant. Link for anvil's storage utilities (benchmark software, but it has a manual trim option) : http://www.ssdaddict.com/apps/AnvilBenchmark_V110_B337.zip Link for torqx2trim utility (supposed to work with patriot ssds, but apparently work with all ssds, including mine) : https://fichiers.touslesdrivers.com/33690/torqx2_trim.zip What you said Jaclaz is in harmony with what I thought. Thanks
  10. About manual tools like anvil's and torqx2trim : they take a long time on each partition. So they may write zeros only, no? Not trim, I guess. Am I wrong? And "TRIMCHECK 0.7" may be useless to see if manual trim is working on XP,Vista - I'm right? Thanks
  11. Thank you. I understand that Trim is not Garbage collection. But they work together, no? Jaclaz, I've already read what is in the link you provided about that. Few questions, thanks for your patience : Quote :Any garbage collection needs to be done by the OS, so you would need to have it running the OS while idling. I have no idea how much garbage collection XP does. ??? I thought garbage collection was OS independent!!! I thought it was an internal process of the drive. My ssd : intel 530 80GB, another I use from time to time is a chinese one, Kingfast F6. I'm using XP pro x86 only on that laptop, with posready 09 updates, with fat32 dual boot with 98. Spent years at work on NTs NTFS, sometimes a real nightmare (accesss, recovering data,etc). Contrary to what is often said, didn't have much problems with ma fat32 partitons since win95. I'm looking for the best way to associate a ssd with xp fat32, I have to rebuild one of my laptops. I was wondering if ssds, quite old now, like intel X25-E (not M!), made with SLC nand flashes could be the best choice. Very expensive at that time, but available for a better price now. New ssds - I may be wrong - may not be the best choice with xp. I'm humbly listening to your comments.
  12. First, I'd like to thank you very much. I think I was misled with what I read on the internet, because most of the time they're talking about trim with NTFS/Windows 7 and above environment. So in my case I'm still wondering if after trimming fat32 partitions, it would be good to keep the laptop switched on for some time (hours?) in dos environment or on the bios page only, so as to let garbage collection work. Some said that because windows systems are not so often at idle, garbage collection is not always working fine. Don't know. Thanks again.
  13. thank you. And I know this program. I'm wondering how a trim done with dos could be "understood" with xp. Sorry for my ignorance.
  14. Hi, Tried everything to trim my fat32 xp system. ssd tweaker, not good, refuses to trim fat32. OOdefrag doesn't like it too. The only one is solid doctor suite that seems to work. Anvil storage pro and Torqx2trim seem to work, but as it takes ages, it seems to be zero filling only. There is also terabytes bootit bare metal that offers a trim function from dos, it seems to work too. But, and this is my question with no answer until now : since trim is supposed to be a way to communicate between OS and ssd, and could a trim from dos bring any good, if xp is not aware of it? Not clear at all on the internet. People are repeating what they already read only. I admit that I have poor knowledge, unless the basics : xp doesn't support trim, manual trim is possible through toolboxes, ok. The problem is I need that for fat32 (not supported with many boxes). Controller is ICH7 (dell 6400). Thank you.
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