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  1. 64-bit Ready ?

    I am looking forward to having a 64 bit driver pack. I have Windows XP 64 and would love to integrate my drivers into my install CD because of course the install CD does not have drivers built in for my SATA controller. Alister
  2. netscape 6.2

    Who cares if it is faster than IE, if it keeps crashing Everytime Netscape releases an new version, I download it and check it out just to see if it has improved any. I quit doing that after 6.0, because it crashed like crazy and I just don't like the look and feel of it compared to IE. Then that is just my opinion Alister
  3. MS screw up on Plus! site

    I guess that it could be interpreted that way also, but looking at the stack of discs (which look like CDR's) the mp3 stack is smaller. I reality if you rip a CD in mp3 format and wma format using the same rate (128, 160, 192, etc...) for both the file size are generally the same with the wma being just a little bigger. But MS claims that the file sizes are smaller, they are only smaller is you use a lower rate for the wma than the mp3. MS claims that wmas sound better at lower rates than mp3, so you can use a lower rate wma and have smaller files. Alister
  4. Check out the picture of the stack of CDs comparing wmas to mp3s, looks like mp3s take up less than 50% of the space of wma's h*tp://www.microsoft.com/Windows/Plus/Digital_Media.htm Alister
  5. New Creative Drivers @ Windowsupdate.com

    I installed the ones from MS site (from what I hear they are the same as the ones on Creative's site). I have a Live! 5.1 Platinum and experienced lockups, not sure if it is related to the drivers or one of the patches. I did the driver roll back and am going to see what happens over the new week or so. Alister
  6. burn mp3s with windows media player

    Thanks Now we just need the DVD pluggin for playing DVDs in Media Player. Alister
  7. Copy old HD over to new one?

    Back to the original hard drive, but I don't think it would be a problem to do it to a new hard drive. Alister
  8. Copy old HD over to new one?

    I have successfully imaged WinXP to CD and then back to the Hard Drive without any problems (using Ghost 2002). Alister
  9. Copy old HD over to new one?

    So, I take that means you are running WinNT (some version). You do have a CD-Rom or CD+RW drive (hopefully a CD+RW). I just created a bootable CD and then went to the hard drive and ran Ghost right from the hard drive. I have a boot disc image (NERO) that I can upload for you. Are you using NTFS on your hard drive? Alister
  10. Copy old HD over to new one?

    If you are running Win9X (Win95, Win98, WinME), you can just put both drives in your pc and then run Ghost in Windows and chose to image the drive to another drive. I have done this several times and works fine. If you are running WinNT (4.0, 2000, XP) then you will have to boot to DOS to do it. Alister
  11. Copy old HD over to new one?

    I personally like Norton Ghost Alister
  12. Ripping to MP3 in media player

    Here is the codec that I use with Windows Media Player. Use this in combination with the reg hack. Alister
  13. Ripping to MP3 in media player

    I have the codec and reg hack, but I do not have it online. If I can find somewhere to post it I will. Alister
  14. IOMEGA XP Drivers

    I have IomegaWare for XP (Beta) Alister
  15. Moving XP to a new drive

    You can also use Norton Ghost. Ghost 2002 works perfectly with XP. Alister