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  1. Help Me, Big Annoying Problem!!!

    wow....... this is just farking annoying I reviewed the properties of my cdrive, it says 10gigs now in use Now i just discovered C:WINDOWSsystem32LogFilesWMItrace.log is a 500MB file about 10 days ago, the same file, in the same place was 4GB, yes I said 4GigaBytes, not mega or kilo, but giga. What is this file logging? I cant view it or delete it right at the moment.
  2. Ok for the past 2 weeks my Hard Drive has been f'ed up. I use a FAT32 File system and these are the problems I'm having: It's a 30GIG 7200 RPM Maxtor I have my drive partitioned into 2 14.2 gig FAT32 partions with drives C and D When I right click my CDRIVE it says 9.53 GB is in use But when I go into my C drive, highlight everthing , it says 6.20 GB is in use. there are 3 hidden files in the recycling bin that I cannot delete or restore, i can't view them and viewing hidden files is on. if i try to defrag my hard drive, it tells me to go run a disk error checking, the file system checker that starts with windows when you dont shutdown properly So, I reboot and it autostarts, it will check drive D which has no errors then it goes to C and used to do this: it found 3 invalid linked files in the recycling bin it would find a lot of cross-linked files in Content.IE5 folder now it freezes at one of the cross-linked files my drive was doing that a week ago, i just ran another disk error check and D has no errors, it then goes to C and finds 1 cross-linked file then freezes. Please, somebody help me
  3. BlackICE Defender?

    I would rather not get a beta version of such an important that is the basis of all security on my computer
  4. Creative SB Live! (WDM) - V. 5.1.2601.0 maybe these will fix all of our problems... h*tp://www.windowsupdate.com for those who dont know what the URL is
  5. 4 all: do u login into xp as admin. or user?

    really, 5 minutes, **** i shower quicker
  6. BlackICE Defender?

    thats very nice, your just using WinXP firewall and Tiny I use tiny and love it
  7. A few things about XP, tricks and downloads

    no dude, im on cable really fast cable like 2700+ kpbs cable, download that is but the site was really slow, must have been net congestion, its fine now
  8. BlackICE Defender?

    hey... when do I get in the FTP forum?
  9. BlackICE Defender?

    im using tinyfirewall and winxp's anything else needed ?
  10. When the WinXP Firewall is turned on, I cannot transfer files on icq, send or recieve that is. Anyone know what I can enter in the Advanced settings to get around this?
  11. 4 all: do u login into xp as admin. or user?

    i boot in with the name Alex but I have Adminstrator powers with that name
  12. Dual boot with WinXP?

    I just recently got Win2k and just wanted to play around with it a bit I have 2 15 gig partitions, both FAT32 Can i install Win2k on my 2nd partition and have a dual os machine?
  13. Creative released some new drivers for WIN XP

    these drivers didnt fix my microphone problems People on rogerwilco and in counter-strike say that my voice just makes the fuzz sound of a TV
  14. BlackICE Defender?

    Anyone get this to work with XP?
  15. Themes

    get windowblinds