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  1. Stupid Mobile Phone

    Hmmmmm....ok thanks
  2. Stupid Mobile Phone

    Hey, I just picked up a old Panasonic EB-G520 and a Nokia 5110 at a garage sale. and they both had sim cards, charge cords and covers. I turned both of them on, and they had a PIN code on them, so I went down to the guy I got them off, and asked if he knew the PIN codes for them, he said no. I put in '1234' '0000' and '1111' but then the SIM card got locked and asks me for my PUK code. I have no idea what phone number they. The sim cards are from Telstra. (I have one working Virgin Mobile SIM card, in my Nokia 3200)
  3. XP Pro - MCE05

    I kinda understand that, thats what I did with my Windows 2000 SP4 Slipstream, but how would it help install MCE from XP
  4. XP Pro - MCE05

    I tryed installing MCE with my XP Pro CD. Nothing....INVALID F***IN SERIAL I wanted to try out MCE so bad after I saw this tread.....
  5. MSN Messenger 7 (Public Beta)

    Yeah, I think its around Late november, early december
  6. For anyone who hasn't found or got Messenger 7 yet, I'll put some links here MSN Messenger 7 Its 9.9 MB so its quite a bit bigger than MSN 6 Quote from <<spam>>If this isn't the latest version you know of, post a message here and I'll get a updated link Sorry if this is old news, I've been overseas for about 2 weeks with no net access!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  7. XP Pro - MCE05

    MCE? Media Center Edition? Sorry I'm new here. MCE stands for Media Center Edition. So all you need is a different CD-KEY? Urrrr......
  8. 2 domains 1 client

    So then jameas should be able to do that, right?
  9. Login from?

    I'm just gonna upgrade it to Windows 2000.. It'll handle that
  10. Simpsons swallowed whole by DVD of the future

    Yeah! Longhorn will just keep growing bigger!! AND BIGGER!!! AND EVEN BIGGER!! 5 Mods just to install it.....100 Mods forrr all the patches that come after it.....
  11. 2 domains 1 client

    I donno how I did it, but I got about 3 Domains on my XP Laptop, One school, one home and the other was for one i forget what it was....but I can login wirelessly....hmm....
  12. Microsoft vs. M*c*s*ft

    Stupid Microsoft! Its just a little spanish guy helping the people that buy Micros*** products! Smurfs
  13. Windows Server 2003 SP1 Build 1247

    Is that where we can get SP1? Is it avalivble at Microsoft?? And I guess this is like a SP2 Like Kinda-Thingy for Server 2003
  14. Simpsons swallowed whole by DVD of the future

    You must need a really,really,really,really,really,really,really fast burner....or....a really fast burner