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  1. 1) the source i tried first doesn't even create an imageinfo.xml file. 2) the second souce i tried does work until i enter some changes in the tabs and hit apply, then i get the same error message as with the first source. however the imagesinfo.xml was created: <WIM> <TOTALBYTES>2182706921</TOTALBYTES> <IMAGE INDEX="1"> <NAME>Windows 7 Ultimate</NAME> <FLAGS>ULTIMATE</FLAGS> <WINDOWS> <ARCH>0</ARCH> <PRODUCTNAME>Microsoft® Windows® Operating System</PRODUCTNAME> <HAL>acpiapic</HAL> <PRODUCTTYPE>WinNT</PRODUCTTYPE> <PRODUCTSUITE>Terminal Server</PRODUCTSUITE> <LANGUAGES> <LANGUAGE>de-DE</LANGUAGE> <DEFAULT>de-DE</DEFAULT> </LANGUAGES> <VERSION> <MAJOR>6</MAJOR> <MINOR>1</MINOR> <BUILD>7600</BUILD> <SPBUILD>16385</SPBUILD> </VERSION> <SYSTEMROOT>WINDOWS</SYSTEMROOT> </WINDOWS> <DIRCOUNT>9747</DIRCOUNT> <FILECOUNT>48310</FILECOUNT> <TOTALBYTES>8569677316</TOTALBYTES> <CREATIONTIME> <HIGHPART>0x01CA4C78</HIGHPART> <LOWPART>0xD2F6CB7A</LOWPART> </CREATIONTIME> <LASTMODIFICATIONTIME> <HIGHPART>0x01CA6229</HIGHPART> <LOWPART>0xEA5CB6AA</LOWPART> </LASTMODIFICATIONTIME> <DISPLAYNAME>WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE</DISPLAYNAME> </IMAGE> <GUID>bb41caeb-b81b-49f5-ab74-a0de05e02b4e</GUID> <IMAGECOUNT>1</IMAGECOUNT> <COMPRESSION>LZX</COMPRESSION> <PARTNUMBER>1</PARTNUMBER> <TOTALPARTS>1</TOTALPARTS> <ATTRIBUTES>0x8</ATTRIBUTES> </WIM> hope that helps.
  2. i have the following problem with a german x86 windows 7 ultimate: === 7Customizer Started=== 7Customizer verion: 0.2.3 OS: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600.0 OS architecture: x86 Work folder found: True Mount folder found: True Extract utility found: True Configuration file found: True Getting drive info Free space: 51,2697715759277 GB Getting drive info: Done Saved Imagex path: C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\imagex.exe Saved DISM path: C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\Servicing\Dism.exe Dism Path Selected Dism Path: C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\Servicing\Dism.exe Windows source path selected Sources folder found install.wim found install.wim size: 1966 MB Testing imagex Imagex result begin: ImageX Tool for Windows Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved. Version: 6.1.7600.16385 Imagex result end. Testing dism dism result begin: Tool zur Abbildverwaltung f�r die Bereitstellung Version: 6.1.7600.16385 dism result end. added: "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\imagex.exe" /XML /info "D:\unattended\win7\sources\install.wim">work\imagesinfo.xml Starting imagex Imagex created imagesinfo.xml Successfully Reading images information from imagesinfo.xml First 5 lines of imagesinfo.xml <WIM> <TOTALBYTES>2061952501</TOTALBYTES> <IMAGE INDEX="1"> <NAME>Windows 7 Ultimate</NAME> <FLAGS>Ultimate</FLAGS> Number of Available Images: 1 Available Images: Begin Unexpected Error: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt. bei _7Customizer.Form1.selectImagePathBtn_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)
  3. ok vers. 0.2.3 did the trick. unattended worked as expected. no extra configuration needed. great software !! thx
  4. my bad .. i got here via a german site which had WinSetupFromUSB_0-1-1 on the original thread it's Latest - vers. 0.2.3 - 06.July.2009 i will try it with the new version ;-) thx
  5. ok prior to reading this thread, i tried to merge my winnt.sif (unattended) with the winnt.sif which is created by the program. i have exactly the issues described above. here (http://www.msfn.org/board/install-usb-winsetupfromusb-gui-t120444.html) in the first post it is mentioned that presetup.cmd is taking care of this problem. however i can't find any indication regarding the unattend issue. my presetup.cmd looks like this: SET TAGFILE=\$WIN_NT$.~LS FOR %%h IN (U D M N O P Q R S T V W X Y) DO IF EXIST "%%h:%TAGFILE%" SET CDDRIVE=%%h: if "%CDDRIVE%" == "" ( FOR %%h IN (C E F G H I J K L) DO IF EXIST "%%h:%TAGFILE%" SET CDDRIVE=%%h: ) REM ===========Added by WinSetupFromUSB============ IF EXIST %systemroot%\system32\setupold.exe DEL /F %systemroot%\system32\setupold.exe IF EXIST c:\boot.003 DEL /F c:\boot.003 REM ====================END======================= EXIT so here is my question: since i cannot use the [unattended] section in winnt.sif, where can i specify those values, settings, etc. ?? any hint? thx
  6. confirmed not working ,.. except http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=rssout&id=13
  7. actually i tried using RegShot .. but it was really difficult to strip it down to the values .. how exactly did you use regmon? (which filter?)
  8. yeah if possible while installing with a tweak, or after installing (and logging in for the first time) via a registry tweak or batch file.
  9. hi guys i am searching for a way to disable file printer sharing on windows xp. i already searched the forum and the web but didn't find anything for the unattended thing. is there a batch/reg tweak we can use? or does it have something to do with the services? thx
  10. i am not sure if it was already requested but for Lan over Internet Play (VPN) hamachi (www.hamachi.cc) is THE tool i think it needs DHCP thx is there a date when it goes live for public testing ?
  11. this was eXactly what i was thinking .. .. at least on the download server part .. can't wait 'till it hits the public eye
  12. will there be something like a "public" testing ? thx looking forward to this project
  13. is it possible to remove certain users from the logon screen on windows xp after start ? e.g. i have a user for my sat-tv box which is only used to access the harddrive and record stuff from the sat but i don't want it to be seen on the xp logon page thx
  14. @One-Post Wonder i tried your reg tweak and DNS flushing but it didn't resolve my problem i also read the mentioned urls, but didn't find something which could identify my problem
  15. ***EDIT*** actually this didn't help solve my problem it just happened again and ping from the console works with DNS with e.g. ping www.google.com - i get normal response times although browsing doesn't work i think the problem lies somewhere else .. because the browser says: website found, waiting for response ***EDIT*** wow B) this looks like a reasonable thing to me !! i will check it out thx
  16. setup: P4 3,2 - 1GB Ram unattended XP+SP2 NIS 2005 ok since WinXP + SP2 i have this issue. after 30 - 45 minutes of browsing, doing stuff on the web, emailing, ... all of a sudden i have no connection on the higher levels to the web. meaning i can't: 1) browse to a website on any browser (IE, maxthon, FireFox, ..) 2) send/receive emails 3) use built in updates of any application 4) use ftp ... ... etc. however i can: ping/tracert in the dos console annoying solutions: after 10-15 minutes and retrying/reloading browsing/web pages it works again. after a reboot it works again, until 30 - 45 then the game starts from the beginning i thought of the connections limit of XP so i replaced the old tcpip.sys with another with unlimited connections -> this didn't help in any way and no after the problem arises deactivating NIS 2005 doesn't make any difference did about 10 reinstalls so far (NIS + WinXP) *argh* it is really annoying! what can i do ? what can i check ? any tool i can monitor with to get to know what is wrong ? any help/idea is much appreciated thx
  17. with the help of this forum i created an unattended installation of winxp + SP2 besides having a WPI i replaced 4 files: winntbbu.dl_ termsrv.sy_ TCPIP.SY_ UXTHEME.DL_ and removed such things as Media Player with nLite ... However my main problem is that objects in 3D games are invisible for a few seconds, then i can see them; then flashing, then invisible, normal again etc. .. I didn't have this problem on a "normal" installation (not unattended) This happens in Unreal Tournament 2004 (Single+Multiplayer), but Half Life 2 (Single Player) is working just fine. I thought it might be a problem of the new ATI Catalyst 4.11. So i reinstalled 4.9 where all worked as it should. -> No change sidenote: when installing any catalyst version on the system, i get the popup that windows recognizes a wrong version of a file and wants the original CD to replace them. -> so what does the installation of the graphics driver has to do with any of my replaced files above ??? setup: P4 3,2 GHz 1GB DDRRam ASUS Mainboard Powercolor Radeon 9800XT WinXP + SP2 integrated unattended installation help is appreciated
  18. wow very cool program, just what i was looking for muchiAs graCias B)
  19. hi fellas i had an issue when windows is shutting down; it was just not powering down. I did this reg tweak: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "PowerdownAfterShutdown"="1" which didn't make any difference finally i found out how it works here (http://aumha.org/win5/a/shtdwnxp.htm): POWERDOWN ISSUES “Powerdown issues” are quite distinctive from “shutdown issues.” I define a shutdown problem as one wherein Windows doesn’t make it at least to the “OK to shut off your computer” screen. If Windows gets that far, or farther, then it has shut down correctly. However, the computer may not powerdown correctly after that. This is a different problem, and I encourage people reporting these issues to make a clear distinction in their labeling. When Windows XP won’t powerdown automatically, the APM/NT Legacy Power Node may not be enabled. To enable this, right-click on the My Computer icon, click Properties | Hardware | Device Manager | View. Check the box labeled “Show Hidden Devices.” If it’s available on your computer, there will be a red X on the APM/NT Legacy Node. Try enabling it and see if this resolves the powerdown problem (Tip from Terri Stratton). Or, to check the other side of the APM/ACPI coin, open the Power Options applet in Control Panel. If there is an APM tab, make sure the “Enable Advanced Power Management Support” box is checked. (MSKB 313290) my question is: how can i implement this or activate this in an unattended installation of winXP, since the installation i am using is from my unattended version.
  20. you are right that Partition Magic won't get better under the hands of Symantec .. i think i will spend some time with Acronis .. install, program, usage looks good so far B)
  21. Uff ... I was able to reaccess partition G with Acronis RecoveryExpert. this was making my day @ChunkDog thx for your help actually I never had any problem with resizing in Partition Magic. can you suggest other products for merging, etc. .. from your experience ??
  22. ok my setup: 1HD: NTSF partitioned in {Primary Partition} F(40GB) {Extended} G(40GB) H(40GB) With Partition Magic I wanted to merge the G Partition to the F partition. It said I have to reboot to make these changes, I did so. In the booting process it worked until ~30% of the overall process and stopped with the message: File Not Found. Press any key to reboot. So I did reboot and learned that partition F was intact. However G and H were gone. When looking at the HD in partition magic is says 1 partition : BAD (120GB) Question is: How can I access at least the partition H again, which was not involved (at least not meant to) ???? Because this are like 40GB of my most important stuff. any help is much appreciated thx
  23. [b]McAfee VirusScan 2005[/b] Note 1: 1) Copy the contents of the folder VSC (from CD) to a new directory. 2) Paste this file in the same dir. Note 2: Virusscan is extremely different than all other apps I saw so far. It's not a good script solution, however it works. It is commented so you can customize settings.
  24. this really is a bastard .. it uses some html menus, boxes .. argh even autoIT has some problems with it so i use sleeps (wait times) you can grab it later @ the autoIT thread (page 10) which is pinned in this forum (right here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=20197&st=90)

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