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  1. I have read and will keep your answer for future reference. Thank you for your diligence!
  2. You may well mean India and China. Let alone Korea and Japan. I studied the Holy Scriptures long time ago. (Although it was originated in the Middle East) Don't count me in as one of you because of Biblical studies, but because of my I.T. background, a loyal fan to Microsoft (only) products and services. When the philosophy mentions "simplicity", the first thing that comes to my mind is Microsoft new logo with its Windows 8 UI. It is not funny, however, as sooner or later I will be embracing this new family of OS from Microsoft. Here : ...... let's simply build it.... My adrenaline is rising up. Tell you what, I will come back anytime in the future and take this (piece of code) for granted. THIS IS YOUR THREAD! You taught me back.
  3. Thank you for your reply. Glad to know such players do exist. When you said "consumer-grade CD Player", what class of CD Player in the other end will play CD-RW burned as Audio CD? Perhaps "industrial-grade"?
  4. That CD Player is part of car accessory sold in my country as Proton Saga 1.3L. Strange are, it plays CD-R audio CD, but not CD-RW audio CD (Error 6). No problem on my Windows 7 PC, of course. I actually burnt the MP3 using Windows Media Player to many of the CD-Rs and now CD-RW. Is it due to the particular model of the CD Player installed in the car?
  5. I am nobody when comes to server. To access shared folders and files on another computer within the company domain, what credentials must I use when am prompted to do so? Is it the username and password of the owner of the computer being accessed, or my username and password on this computer, or any username of password that can be used to log in to server will do?
  6. And now I realized that I made something silly: I use quotation for code snippet. I should insert as code snippet. That is why I had always been wondering why everyone of you have the initiative to make coloring to the syntax and identifier of the code.
  7. You're a genius, the coding skill level is way much higher than mine. When you see my way overcomplex, and you went on to simplify it ---- it means overcomplex, too, for beginner like me. Just kidding! Really, thank you for your input. Much of the quality software and technology are from the West on the earth, I will be continuously learning new skill from you and people like you.
  8. Not really. I was Angry IP Scanner user for the past three months. It prints IP addresses, ports and ping status with title and timestamp. But I wanted more, a customized and yet presentable report. When I mean presentable, it does not (only) print machine-readable IP addresses, I want to have more friendlier name like store outlet location which is more human-readable. When I mean customization, I want to have my company title on top of the page, with hyperlink to my company Web site, etc. Angry IP Scanner is great. But a command-line tool like PAPING coupled with my HTML formatting scripts will build a report tailored-specific to our needs. Thank you for your input. I appreaciate that. I like to hear when people make replies.
  9. I miss you too.

  10. Western ethics are always higher than the developing country. That was why I calm myself down and never return back until today. It was my fault. I apologize for not reading the rules carefully.
  11. I love to share with you my work which based on other people's work although much of it are from my own creativity. When I said "report", I really mean so. It is a formatted HTML page. And what I am referring to as "network" can be WAN or LAN, external IP (or host name) or internal IP (or computer name). I built my own Network Diagnostic Report generator! It serves my company purpose, as an I.T. Executive, I need such a report that tell me which shops are offline and which shops are not, actually more than that. First, you need tool to ping a particular port. PAPING - a Google project, comes handy as a freeware. Next, for the generation of formatted HTML page as final report, we need: CSVFIX - a SourceForge project, comes handy as a freeware, too. CSVFILEVIEW - a CSV to HTML converter (and viewer) from NirSoft, also a freeware itself. FART - Find And Replace Text, a command-line tool that tweak a bit the HTML output generated by the converter. My code divided into two sections: I actually need to scan three different ports, 3050 (Firebird) and 5900 (RealVNC) related to PC, while 9696 related to CCTV recorder. Sample of HOSTNAME.txt are: The C:\NT\HOSTNAME.txt has higher precedence than the HOSTNAME.txt resides in the local directory. This is optional. The following section are generation and formatting of HTML page as the final report: As you might already noticed, CSVFIX is very powerful command-line tool for handling CSV files. I use it to sort hostname ascendingly, then port number descendingly. I even use it to combine multiple rows that having the same hostname but just different port number and ping result. Finally, I use it to add sequential number to the first column of the CSV file. Then, I generated a timestamp to another file (to be concatenated to the bottom of the report). CSVFILEVIEW is used to convert the CSV file to HTML file, in non-verbose mode. Next, I save the HTML file from Unicode format to ANSI format (or otherwise FART cannot search and replace double-byte strings). And now, I use FART to replace the original name and title of the HTML file with my company name and report title. Show it. All these are done in a command-line window. I have only tested them on Windows 7. I will test them on Windows XP tomorrow in office. Please let me know if there is any defects. And feel free to share it. RESULT.htm
  12. So, my sharing of experience in the new topic "Visual Basic and .NET" under the Programming section just gone. Why do the moderator not even consider moving to a more appropriate forum instead of deleting it altogether? Okay, I was trying to support the MSFN forum from sharing code snippet last year to sharing advice and experience in layman term this year. Maybe I am in bad mood or have had wrong motives. Please tell me that I am wrong. Thank you.
  13. Many products of science and technology are practical and can save us much time and energy. So by all means use them if you need to, but do so responsibly and considerately. How? Put people before technology. Will you listen to these advices?
  14. The gold medal count of London Olympics 2012 is between United States of America and People's Republic of China. While it is said that sports is political-free, and moderate exercise will do good for our health ---- Would excessive competition and pushing the athletes' physique to the limit do any good? It is about the pride of a country and its people. As such, it is nationalism. And nationalism will provoke hatred among nations. Frankly, I don't think it is good for both the athletes' and the audience in large. I am from a small country of south east of Asia, and my country has never won any gold medals. Longing for the first ever gold medal in history, the Badminton final yesterday put me to think twice. It must either upset the player from my country or the opponent's. I remember that no race is superior than another. I admit that I might be narrow-minded, and being oppressed mentally and emotionally . Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you!
  15. Sure I did , but by "nice", I meant "nice" , not that I personally liked it I mean, no offence intended, but to do similar things in NT based systems I have always used a few lines in one of my half@§§ed batches, example: @ECHO OFF CLS SET to_ping= SET Today=%Date% SET Today=%Today:/=_% :loop FOR /F "tokens=5 delims==, " %%A IN ('ping -n 1 %to_ping% ^|FIND "Pacchetti"') DO ( ECHO. IF %%A.==0. ( ECHO %Date%-%time% NO_PING %to_ping% REM Optional log REM ECHO %Date%-%time% NO_PING %to_ping%>>%Today%.log ) ::Poorman's WAIT ::Very roughly 60 second intervals ::it would be much beeter to use AT, SCHTASKS or any of the n third party "WAIT" tools FOR /L %%B in (0,1,4100) DO PING -n 1>nul GOTO :loop What I can say. The difference between yours (a batch scripts) and mine (a ping shell) is the latter is more **presentable**. It was not difficult to create the menu and dialog UI as I managed to accomplish in one working day in office. However, in most cases, a batch script is more than enough. Thank you very much for your plenty of resources. I have tried the Windows 95 (or WFW 3.2?)'s PING.EXE but was not working under my Windows 7 32-bit. Also have had a look at MS Client. To make this clear, the NTMON.EXE was intended to run in command-line subject to the availability of PING.EXE in your Windows (from Win95 up to Win7, although the program wasn't tested in earlier versions of the OS), even though the program itself was entirely a pure MS-DOS program (written using Turbo Pascal 7.0 dated 1992).
  16. I would have sweared that we are in : on a thread titled: Dos does not mean "command line", nor CLI, it means DOS. XP and 7, last time I checked, were part of the NT family of OS and not of the 9x/Me one (DOS based). So, nice tool , but maybe posted in the "wrong" place jaclaz My mind had been dizzy as the Windows family keeps emerging (or I am the one to blame for not catching up the technology ) Truly, but sadly, I have blurred the line between CMD.EXE (or COMMAND.EXE) and the real MS-DOS. Thank you for your correction, really! I can't find better place to share this program. While my program fits the thread, it was the descriptions that misled many. I even doubt that there is a PING.EXE provided by earlier version of Windows, or MS-DOS itself. Glad that you like the program. (You've actually downloaded and tried it, haven't you?)
  17. Agreed. From what I have learnt, real friends do not keep talking, but listening, and times for silence. It is life. When we were youths, we have pleasure from life activities with good health. When we get old, our health deterioriates, and we lose funs from life activities that we do. If there is hope for everlasting life and resurrection, that will be an eye-shining story.
  18. I dont think so really, even though everyone and their dog uses Facebook, it's pretty useless in the greater scheme of things. Now Facebook offers the option to DELETE ACCOUNT in addition to DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT. No need to guess, my name is no longer searchable from Facebook.
  19. I am back! Specifically designed for my company, it remains portable and generic. Why? With a text file for input, this program can be yours! NTMON.EXE is just 75KB, no add-ons needed. It is intended as a shell of PING results up to 500 URLs/IPs in a scrollable listbox with ONLINE/OFFLINE tag next to all items. Well. You might come up with the text file (NTMON.TXT) in this 2-line format: DESCRIPTION URL/IP DESCRIPTION URL/IP ... ... ... (up to 500 pairs) Then, just start the program, wait for the dialog to appear while it is pinging the list in the background (or foreground, depending on your OS). It is simply useful to keep track a list of regular URLs/IPs (to ping) and show it in a scrollable+searchable+sorted listbox with ONLINE/OFFLINE results. Now, things to consider. It has been tested on Windows XP SP3, and Windows 7 32-bit (various editions). Under your Windows, besides a NTMON.TXT for input, NTMON.EXE requires a third-party executable from Microsoft to act as the engine. Please copy from your Windows' SYSTEM32 folder, the PING.EXE, to the same folder as NTMON.EXE. The attached NTMON.ZIP already included the Windows 7 32-bit version of PING.EXE. Using incorrect version of PING.EXE may resulting in incorrect ONLINE/OFFLINE status. When ONLINE and when OFFLINE? OFFLINE is shown either when PING.EXE is not in the application path, URL/IP naming convention is incorrect, or no Internet access on both ends. When ONLINE then is very clear. NTMON.EXE ping twice to confirm at least a reply is received. If you need this program, please feel free to use it. Unlike prior MS-DOS programs, I haven't include the TP7 source in the compressed package. Thanks! ADDITIONAL NOTE: Please set the properties of this MS-DOS program to run in 80x50 text mode. NTMON.zip
  20. Well its normal for people to blow off steam, but they definately shouldn't be doing it when you are there! It was what my doctor told his nurses: Don't talk about patients while staring at them.
  21. Why is nowhere ask "Whats on my heart?" instead of "What's on my mind?"

    1. blackturbokitty


      Good question. Having a field that asks me whats on my mind is confusing enough. Who has only one thing on their mind at time?

  22. I don't like if my doctor and his nurses talk about me in behind about my bizarre behavior because of my illness. It is not ethical to make fun of our customers or consumers -- at least not the negative ones.
  23. Good and powerful explanations! Thanks a lot! Someone is so heart-broken when I deactivated my account -- she thought that I have deleted her, to which she interpret as a deny to our family tie. Some others thought I wasn't nice because I keep deactivate and reactivate Facebook account, she refused to confirm I am her cousin. And quite some others, delete the connection (thank you, super moderator for helping me to see things differently) between hers and I, just because in real life, I have done something that made her unhappy. DELETE {friend on Facebook} is so powerful, a deny to "friendship" in real life through connection on the Internet. Don't be surprised, when she has deleted me on Facebook, the way she treats me in real life is equivalent to that on Facebook. Come one, I am worry sooner or later that somebody will commit suicide just because I deactivated my Facebook, and Facebook went to delete and notify each of my {friend's connection}. I am the one to blame for taking so serious with online friends and social-network. You're right. You are able to discern correctly.
  24. FlierMate


    You're ahead of me already. I don't even know what that is! Too lazy to look it up too. It is a CPU Cooler......???!

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