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  1. You are the man, just want you to know that. Been wringing my hair out for a week trying to reload this stupid HP Compaq Evo D530, don't have the restore disks. Tried an XP Pro disk from a newer and an older Compaq we had, neither would work. After a bit of research I copied the i386 folder from another HP (newer), but it too would ask to activate after Windows finished installing. Finally found this post, ran your files to get my XP key from the new one, used it when installing on the other one, and presto, no activation needed. Very thankful for your help, hope I can someday return the favor. Speaking of, I noticed in another thread you are looking for certain OEMBIOS files from certain manufacturers. We see a ton of computers come through here monthly, so if you have a need feel free to ask and I'll see what I can scrounge up.
  2. You could add another BootCD Folder under the original BootCD folder with all the files in it. Since you are using the optimize switch in bothcases, it will not increase the size of the DVD or the Hiren CD when it is made. Won't be beautiful, but it should work. Only other option I know of is to make a temp directory on the Hard Drive and make your image from there.
  3. Actually Blader Multiboot 0.88 is Freeware, and works just fine for me for just about everything. If someone would like a copy, let me know, I have it somewhere here.