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  1. I did install Microsoft IntelliPoint 4.01, selected the Wheel Mouse and I checked the Control Panel in the Mouse settings and it only detected it either a Microsoft Mouse or a Basic Mouse. What could I be doing wrong here? Update: I even tried out the Pilot Mouse Wheel Scroll v1.0 driver and it failed to detect the middle button mouse/scroll wheel. Speaking of the middle button mouse/scroll wheel, it's not a ordinary one. Instead of scrolling up and down with the wheel. Pressing the middle button up or down scrolls the page up or down. If I didn't make any sense, let me know and I'll explain more.
  2. For some reason, going into Safe Mode and attempting to remove the mice from the Device Manager didn't work. I got a error saying that the registry is corrupt and had to be restored from a good backup copy. I'll try to pull up a screenshot if I can explain the reason more.
  3. The problem is WHICH reason. Does that mouse middle button work on another PC with another (more recent) OS? Or is it DOA? Did you install the software correctrly? Refer to this doc: http://sysdoc.doors.ch/MITSUMI/1/ScrollUK.pdf Did you have previously anothe mouse driver installed? Do you see any device with a question mark in device manager? jaclaz The scroll mouse button works on this PC correctly. As for the Tecra 720 CDT PC, I previously had another PS/2 mouse installed and it was just a standard PS/2 mouse. I had to do the following: 1. Reinstall the Mitsumi PS/2 scroll mouse. 2. Disable the other PS/2 compatible mouse as it causes a IRQ conflict with the Mitsumi PS/2 scroll mouse. 3. Delete (or rename) the msmouse.inf file in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. 4. Re-enable the Mitsumi PS/2 scroll mouse and shut down. The Mitsumi PS/2 scroll mouse is working correctly, but still for some reason, the middle mouse button and scroll buttons still don't work. I'm sorry that my grammar is not perfect, but what are the additional steps that I need to take to get the middle mouse/scroll button working?
  4. ppgrainbow

    QuickTime Player 5.0.5 does not start properly anymore.

    I would like to point out that Quicktime 5 would work if Hardware Acceleration was set to full. I have the VM set to 64 MB and Qt5 eats up at least 32 MB of memory. To make QuickTime 5 work, I had to go to right click Properties where it will display the property settings. Then go to Settings > Advanced Properties > Performance and set the hardware acceleration to Full. Gah, I'm dumb sometimes. I need to set the hardware acceleration to Full on the Tecra720CDT laptop, but I probably won't do that until after I get the hard drive upgraded.
  5. For some reason after I reinstalled Windows 95 under Virtual PC 2004, I managed to install QuickTime Player 5.0.5 (the latest supported version under Windows 95) and when the installation gets done, it refuses to start up correctly. When I hit the right control-delete buttons (control-alt-delete), I found that the task manager reports that QuickTime player (quicktimeplayer.exe) does not respond. Furthermore, I cannot even properly uninstall QuickTime 5.0.5. QuickTime Player 5.0.5 worked under a existing installation of Windows 95 under VMware and I found that reinstalling it can become a serious limitation. I could be wrong. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get QuickTime Player 5.0.5 working again?
  6. ppgrainbow

    Last Versions of Software for Windows 2000

    I installed Echofon 2.3, a popular Twitter client add-on and while it loaded, it did not work correctly...if not at all. The reason is that the DLL in the \platform\echofonsign.dll file uses EncodePointer and DecodePointer, the two key MSVC++ 2010 CRT entry point DLLs that do not exist on versions of Windows prior to Windows XP SP2; plus almost 963 KB worth of code (including support code for Windows 2000) was removed too. In my opinion, Echofon shouldn't be even offering later versions of their product (after version 2.2.2) that does not work on this OS! The last version of Echofon that will work on Firefox running on Windows 2000 (and Windows XP before SP2) is version 2.2.2. Until there are unofficial builds, hacks and workarounds, let me know. Echofon 2.2.2 can still run on Firefox 8 and later, if you do the following: 1. Download Echofon 2.2.2, extract the echofon_for_twitter-2.2.2-fx.xpi using 7-zip into a temporary directory. 2. Open the install.rdf file using Notepad. 3. Where it says "<em:maxVersion>8.0a1</em:maxVersion>", change it to the highest supported version of Firefox that will run on Win2K. I'm sorry that my grammar isn't all that perfect, but the good news is that Adobe Flash Player came out today, installed it and found that it still works on Win2K too...even on Internet Explorer 6 SP1 as tested through VMware Player. Plus Firefox 11 recently entered Nightly and Firefox 10 moved to Aurora. Also, there is a beta version of Flash 11.2 that has been out since late last month. It would be great to test Firefox 10 Aurora, Firefox 11 Nightly an Adobe Flash 11.2 beta to see if they will still work on Win2K or not. What do you think?
  7. ppgrainbow

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you so much!
  8. ppgrainbow

    Last Versions of Software for Windows 2000

    Holy crap, this thread hasn't been updated in a while. I recently tested out the final version of Adobe Flash 11 (runtime version on Windows 2000, both through a Windows 2000 VM (under VMware Player) and on the host PC and it still works. By using the Dependency Walker feature, I found that one of the files in Flash11c.ocx (one of the files attributed to the Flash 11 installation) is missing entry point function called WNetRestoreConnectionA in the MPR.DLL file. However, that does not prevent Flash 11 from working on Win2K. I don't know if Flash Player 11.1 (if it is planned) will even work correctly on Win2K or not. Also, has Firefox 9 Aurora and Firefox 10 Nightly been tested on Win2K yet? If there is any confirmation on this, let me know.