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  1. Glad to hear Waterfox is working out for you. I have had only minimal experience with it on MX Linux, but liked it a whole lot better than Firefox, and definitely will install it on Win 7 Pro. Speaking of which, as an advocate for Win 7 on the xpforums site, I hope you will stick around on msfn, as it is safe to predict I will be needing help and advice in my transition to this OS.
  2. As a longtime XP Pro user preparing to make the jump to Win 7, any advice on the differences between the two, or major problems likely to result from the transition? I am studying the books 'Microsoft Windows 7 Simplified' (ISBN#9780470503874) and 'Windows 7 Secrets' (ISBN#9780470508411). For any familiar with these books, any advice on what parts I should focus on to limit 'culture shock'?
  3. Frankly, with the downhill slide of Firefox into the valley of perdition (and Mozilla Mothership's edict to disable the brakes), I'm wary of the future of any/all Firefox derivatives. As each hustle to include Firefox's 'latest&greatest' code into their versions, they must become as noxious as it. Mypal has already begun to imitate Firefox's plethora of freezes, crashes, and failures to close. I see no big improvement in the trust factor of Firefox over Waterfox. Having gone through the about:config contents of Firefox, it is probable (if not likely) they are in bed with Google. Add in their numerous other ill choices: https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/mozilla.html ...and their current sorry state of affairs becomes not only very understandable, but their future quite predictable: https://www.zdnet.com/article/endangered-firefox-the-state-of-mozilla/ While it's true Waterfox is no more easily trusted than Firefox, for me the deciding factor (for now at least) is the legacy addons that Waterfox allows, vs the gawd-awful web extensions that Firefox demands. I had not liked Firefox for at least several years, but the addons made that bitter pill a little easier to choke down, and the browser somewhat tolerable. With Mozilla's imperious decree to sabotage the addons en masse, and forced replacement by the web extensions junk, I'm fresh out of excuses to stick with Firefox, and said excuses will not be restocked. Time to move on, as there are better options available. Not sure is Waterfox is better or not, but it's surely no worse.
  4. Didn't know Waterfox was available for any OS not 64-bit, but I will definitely be replacing Firefox with it on my MX Linux, once it's installed on my secondary HDD, and when my Win 7 PC arrives from Ebay, ditching Firefox and Chrome is at the top of my 'to-do' list...okay, maybe a malware scan first! Both browsers are privacy-invasive creepy. Chrome may be slightly ahead in the race to make the enduser the product, via data-mining, but Firefox is not far behind. I think when it comes to violating the users trust, Firefox has the edge. So far as I know, when you turn off auto-updates in Chrome, Google does not decree its developers find 101 ways to overrule your choice, nor does it command they find 101 ways to sabotage their version of add-ons. For me, the only reason to stay with Firefox was the addons, as there was nothing else I've liked about it for years. With the ending of the add-ons, and their replacement with crappy extensions, Firefox has pulled a 'Fonzie' and jumped the shark so far as I'm concerned. Not sure what I'll replace Firefox and Chrome with just yet, as I don't have much experience with Win 7, other than using it for about a year to surf the net at the public libraries. So far, the choices seem to be Brave, Cliqz, Cyberfox, Slimjet, SRWare Iron, Torch, and Ungoogled Chrome....according to Google searches.
  5. Thanks for the tip. It was like pulling teeth of an enraged bull elephant, but finally managed to open an account at github, and posted the question. I'm aware there is a newer version of Mypal, but I'm paranoid to try it. My current version of Mypal is the only firefox-based browser that actually plays all videos. Centaury was a bust after upgrading. Serpent plays videos, but most of the time the sound is screwed up (as in talking in slow-mo). SRWare Iron plays all videos, but thanks to the CA Nazis blockade of about half the internet sites, this browser does me little good. Basically I have the choice of Mypal or using AntiX for watching videos, so I'm too leery to try to upgrade it. The version I have works. The new version is an unknown.
  6. Not sure if this belongs here or in new topic. I have Mypal 28.4.0 (x86 en-US) running on XP Pro. I am hoping someone here knows how to eliminate the onboard adblocker, via the 'about:config' settings. I am not computer savvy, so please make any instructions as detailed and simplistic as possible. Thanks for any assistance. By the way, if the guy who created Mypal and Centaury is here, I am very grateful for these browsers, and would definitely send occasional monetary contributions your way, if it was possible....just saying!
  7. I recently installed AbiWord, made some lists, and saved them to 'My Documents'. I need to learn how to copy them to a flash drive, without erasing the original from storage. I don't have a printer yet, so I'll use the flash drive to get them to a print shop. I'm a total beginner at this stuff, so I would need step-by-step instructions on how to do this. Thanks for any help.
  8. Was directed here from that website (wpiw.net) which said it had a forum here...but your search function does not agree. Anyone know for sure?
  9. I noted you have a list of boards/chipsets known to run Windows 98: and was wondering if there is a similar list here for Windows 2000? I've already found such a list at Microsoft site, but its very outdated, and does not seem to mention any AMD chipsets. I've been told that the key to finding boards that support any legacy OS is through the southbridge chipsets.
  10. Short version NO, long version maybe,maybe, maybe something similar created around intel chipset P31, P43, G43, Q43 can work using user made drivers of our Czech friend, but there is no warranty. It is end of 2011. We are not in position to choose MBO for our Windows 98 SE computer !? Many thanks for the tip! I'll Google the chipsets then check Gigabyte site that list all their DualBIOS boards. Unfortunately, Asus don't seem to have any list of their DieHard BIOS boards, so may have to skip that brand.
  11. Sorry, but the try it and see approach is not a good option. Doing a custom-build, and once its done, its finished for better or worse (i.e. no switching parts, upgrades, etc.), so either OS works or it gets left behind...but trying my best to pick hardware that will work. Yes, that's the link I was referring to; is there any similar link for Windows 2000 Professional (workstation) hardware? Would like to include that OS in build as well.
  12. CPU is never problem, but real problem is MBO. From MBO documentation strongest CPU which is working with Windows 98 SE is: Phenom II X4 3500MHz which if we can believe to AsRock will work in combination with AM2NF3-VSTA. and 16 GB RAM (limited by user to 1 GB in Windows 98) Excellent! I'm hoping to only buy either Gigabyte 'DualBIOS' or Asus 'Diehard BIOS' motherboard...do you know if any of these will work with Phenom II X4 3500MHz, and keep Windows 98 happy.
  13. I noted in your hardware list that AMD Phenom II x6 1075T is not listed...are you sure this will not run Windows 98?
  14. Found this forum via Google while researching nLite! Looks to be a necessity, so joined on the spot.

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