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  1. you mind posting how you did it? i was also trying to enable my own little logoff/restart/shutdown toolbar
  2. a lot of updates with no thank you's.... so... here goes... thank you
  3. just tried it with netobjects fusion 10.0 same thing good to know theres alot of interest in this anyways
  4. hi... i was wondering if anyone here had ever successfully, silently installed either of these apps. the first one, softsqueeze, is a frontend for slimserver. the second, is the raid managing tool for 3ware cards i believe both are java based apps. any help appreciated.
  5. nevermind figured it out... for reference.... the folder holding the desktop.ini file needs to be a system folder attrib {folder namer} +S
  6. title got cut off, - why doesn't copying "desktop.ini" to a folder change the icon? I was wondering if anyone knew why simply copying a desktop.ini icon into a folder would not automatically make that folder read from it, and pull the icon. i've ran regshot a few times, changing the icon manually between shots, and can't find any reg. entries that do anything. so i thought i'd ask if anyone had ever run into this
  7. the file seems to be missing from the download link... is this mirrored anywhere else? google search for NCAB-211.exe, comes up with nothing.
  8. did a search... nothing came up for jedit. wondering if anyone knew the silent switches for this program. also would like to replace notepad with it... but i'm not sure thats possible since it's a java program. any help appreciated B)
  9. I have a crap connection... i've always had problems downloading attachments from here (it's me not you.... satellite internet sucks) anyways I was hoping someone could copy n' paste for me the slimserver silent switch... i've not seen that keyword anywhere else on this forum besides this thread... thx
  10. nice.... hey in the meantime do you have any pointers you can give me for the 9000 series card? i can't seem to get that one working.... although the 7000 series i had no problem with..... i may be wrong... but the 9000 series includes the firmware in their drivers.... which is what i think is complicating things for me....
  11. yeah that's the method i used..... i wanted to see if anyone else here had success with it.....since i hadn't
  12. think we'll ever see 3ware drivers in this pack?
  13. Has anyone here successfully integrated the 9000 series drivers into an XP install disc? I tried several times but kept getting errors...until I finally just gave it up and installed them from a floppy disc. The 9000 series is different since it includes the firmware with the drivers... and I think this may be why it's a little more difficult, as I've successfully done this with 7000 series drivers with no such problems. Any information anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.
  14. does anyone know how to install nis2005 without installing anti-virus. i prefer to use nav corp. 9
  15. I tried installing with the -R option and I got a setup.iss file but it seems incomplete and the program dosn't want to install silently.... any help appreciated
  16. white background....seems a bit grey to me
  17. i can't seem to download any attachments anywhere on the board (including images....thumbnails show up though). I know it has got to do with directway satellite internet, since when i connected the other day with my old dialup account, I could grab the attachments no problem.... not really sure why this is happening, but if anyone knows anything about it...i'd really appreciate any info you can give me....
  18. even if you own the full version (i do) you have to install the trial version first, then run a full-version patch program from the members area..... this is what i just tried....but it just locked up..... perhaps it's closer to what needs to be done though.... 1. run the program 2. copy the 9 loose files from your temp dir to a new folder. (IRIMG*.BMP, irsetup.*, suf6lng.9) 3. edit irsetup.ini and change the path to where your original install file is. 4. run irsetup.exe /S
  19. I've been trying this a while with no luck. using the /S switch I can get it to install silently, but there are still prompts for a nero plugin at the beginning of install and a readme at the end.... taskkill won't work since they are not indepentent processes from the flac installer. I did a search for "flac" and all that comes up is one thread about foobar2000.... and I couldn't find anything about the flac codec by itself in there (is there a feature to search threads? this looks like vbulletin but it must be phpbb or something... i can't find the search in a thread tools....perhaps they have just been disabled) Anyways... any help is appreciated.. http://cyberial.com/flacinstaller.asp
  20. i just connected to my old earthlink dialup...... worked just fine..... which proves it's this filthy new satellite internet we have....but we just moved and theres no cable here... so it's our only broadband choice.... i've noticed many things not working as they should.....any ideas? perhaps a proxy... but i don't know how you'd do that windows-wide and not just for a browser.... guess this might need it's own topic in another forum....thanks for the response though rave. B)
  21. i manage my fedora server with realvnc & putty for a secure connection....about 2 years now and seems pretty reliable
  22. man this is going to be sad if i have to hook up my old dialup (should still be active till the end of the month) to download these files...... when we just got satellite internet..... which apparently BLOWS...
  23. jeez this is one of the longest installs i've seen.... for a simple browser install... http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=138033 ECHO Installing Mozilla Firefox start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Mozilla\FireFox.msi /quiet cls ... only thing i need to figure out now is extensions (TAB X is a must for me )
  24. i've been trying getright with no luck..... would appreciate if someone could perhaps mirror this file for me somewhere.... was also trying to get the rar from this thread http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...861&hl=quicksfv anyone else here use direcway and CAN get those files? any help appreciated...
  25. i seem to be having trouble downloading the zip file.... anyone else? could be this new "satellite" internet we have.... any help appreciated...

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