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  1. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Tihiy i copied the question to the ru-board forum for better understanding.
  2. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Tihiy Thanks for the StartIsBack, I guess It's the best start-button for Win8. I noticed a thing: After a user logs in, first clicking on the "Start screen" - link (in Russian that link is called "Начальный экран") causes sharp appearance of the start screen (not smooth). If U click that link second and next times, Start screen appears smoothly as it should do. Same effect is caused by pressing Ctrl+Win. Is it possible to fix first appearance of the start screen? p.s.: 2.0 RC3 (Win8 x64 Pro)
  3. JFX, thanks. I see, it's a feature, WinNTSetup always adds DosDevices value for the system drive (usually \DosDevices\C: ) Now, knowing where it's choosen from, i can manipulate the value.
  4. JFX, thank you a lot for the WinNTSetup. I have an interesting question. Situation: while preparing the custom Windows 8 wim-image I run the system to the audit-mode by assigning a letter O: (\DosDevices\O: ) to the system-drive (i had to use any letter accept default C: ). After syspreping all values of the registry key \DosDevices\ were erased. Now with the normal installation, the system gets the letter C: (as usual). But if you use the WinNTSetup with this wim-image, the program automatically writes registry key \DosDevices\O: even if an option "mount as" was not used. Why? Where WinNTSetup reads this letter (used in audit mode) and why it decides to write the value again? I suppose WinNTSetup does not have to write \DosDevices\ values until it's told to. Or this is like a feature? Thanks. vladislays, hi! it's so nice to meet you here.