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  1. Yes, this is my point. wimgapi is faster at apply than wimlib (Or so on my test machine). I plan to test on an older system with low ram to see if the time gap between the two will change.
  2. Not that this info really makes a huge difference to this topic but I ran a little test applying a wimlib capture image (29gigs but 12gigs compressed). I applied the image with wimgapi in 10mins25secs and 11mins27secs with wimlib on the same exact test machine I use to test my images.
  3. Curious if you used "Wimlib" to make the wim would the results be different?
  4. @JFX what command are you using to update the boot record with bootsect and bcdboot when ALL is selected? Are these the commands? bootsect /nt60 C: /force bcdboot C:\windows /s C: /f UEFI
  5. I have a weird error. I am still running 3.8.9 and decided to upgrade to the 3.9.2. I have been starting 3.8.9 from a cmd file for months no problem. I deleted the 3.8.9 files out of the folder and copied in the 3.9.2 and didn't change nothing else and the 3.9.2 will not start from the same cmd line that has worked for months. This is the cmd line that I am using but this has me puzzled. I can double click on the 3.9.2.exe and the program runs fine. WinNTSetup_x64.exe NT6 /Runafter:%LaddsUSB%\WINSETUP\%Folder%\Copy.cmd /cfg:"%LaddsUSB%\WINSETUP\%Folder%\%INI%" /setup Never mind, figured it out. I didn't have libwim-15.dll copied into the new 3.9.2 tools folder as I have that set in my ini.
  6. Thanks for your help! My command lines are much cleaner now! WinNTSetup_x64.exe NT6 /cfg:"%LaddsUSB%\WINSETUP\%Folder%\%INI%" /setup
  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Sorry, I thought the ini set the NT5 or NT6. I will give it another try. Thank you so much for the help.
  8. WinNTSetup_x64.exe /cfg:"D:\WINSETUP\Win7x64Pro\Win7x64Pro.ini" /setup This how I run it, but setup will not start automatically.
  9. I did try that, but didn't work, as in the first part of the setup loaded all the settings, but didn't start the process with both switches. Let me double check myself.
  10. Oh, ok. Anyway I can manually add to push the setup button to my ini?
  11. Just reporting back. I was able to save my settings from the "Ready?" screen into an ini, but when I start the program using the /cfg command, program starts, loads all the info correctly on the first setup page, but sits there. Never auto starts the setup with my settings from the "Ready?" screen.
  12. Nice! Thanks! I've been using the full command line, and I set variables, depending on the numbered choice of Windows to install. The complete ini file will make my commands a little cleaner. MBR WinNTSetup_x64.exe NT6 /source:"%LaddsUSB%\WINSETUP\%Folder%\%Wim%" /syspart:C: /tempdrive:C /sysletter:C /unattend:"%LaddsUSB%\WINSETUP\%Folder%\Autounattend.xml" /setup /nobootsect /bcd:ALL /reboot UEFI WinNTSetup_x64.exe NT6 /source:"%LaddsUSB%\WINSETUP\%Folder%\%Wim%" /syspart:Z: /tempdrive:C: /sysletter:C: /unattend:"%LaddsUSB%\WINSETUP\%Folder%\Autounattend.xml" /setup /nobootsect /bcd:UEFI /reboot
  13. Anyway to add additional options on the "Ready?" screen to the ini? Like start the setup, don't update the boot code, whether it's bios or UEFI, and reboot after setup? I know this can be done with commands, but I'd like to add these options to the ini.
  14. I downloaded your newest update from Jan, and I was able to load my sysprep wim to the hard drive. Thank you for a great program!
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