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  1. Install Java 6 Update 43 under Win98 SE without KernelEx extensions In recent weeks I have been looking for a possibility to install Java 6 update 32 and higher with KernelEx without DIY KernelEx extensions (K452stub) under Win98 SE. MSFN member Blackwingcat developed extensions for Windows 2000 Professional. Blackwingcat got error (Oracle bug ID 7166889) analyzed and developed a Java 6 update 43 solution for Win2000 SP4. His version can not be installed in the standard procedure under Win98 SE or in silent mode, but the unzipped installer (with 7-Zip) contains an additional modified msi installer. The Java 6 update 43 msi installer creates no entry in the Control Panel. After installation you will find in the folder Java / bin two plugin folder. Folder plugin2 must be renamed as described in KernelEx Wiki. I have testet the modified Java v6 update 43 + Java 3D v1.3.1 under Win98 SE with KernelEx v4.5 Final and Mozilla Firefox v2.0.0.20 + v3.5.19 standard + portable without errors. Please check the results for accuracy. Thank you. You can download the modified Java 6 update 43 from Blackwings Blog: Java Installer for Windows 2000
  2. Firefox + Adobe Flash 9.x works in 16 + 32 bit colour mode Firefox + Adobe Flash 10.2.x + 10.3.x works only in 32 bit colour mode ! Last version for the 16 bit colour mode ist Flash Check your graphics options and valid the installation. It works fine with Firefox and Firefox 3.5.19

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