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  1. Sorry bud, I don't have it anymore. If you need tutorials you can get on my forum.

  2. nishant i need ur software rt windows 8 custmizer from where i can download it i serch so many place but fail pl send link at dave.dr@rediffmail.com

  3. Yes, I agree i have USED his UI, But not the coding.... Also I am ready to compare my coding to Ben If wish to make every thing clear, As He stays just about 25 KM far from House. OK, Today I am gonna upload v1.1, Check it out and does it really still look like RT 7 Lite.
  4. You will soon come to know, Whether is it a copy of RT Seven Lite or NOT. I spent my 4 Months in working on it... Although i did not do everything on my own. I got few references on how to read xml, wimgapi calls blah.. blha... If you would looked carefully the you guys would have come to my app supports:- * Windows 8 * Boot Editing And about reverse engineering, huh? How should i do that please let me know that. None of the images used in RT Seven Lite are copyright material of him neither me. And also there nothing wrong in a kid coding for your kind information. An original artist is unable to copy. So he has only to copy in order to be original. Jean Cocteau Bad artists copy. Good artists steal. Pablo Picasso I request, To send this message behalf of me to Benjamin Samson .S
  5. It's not like that, some registry's are not available in windows 7 by default like "Take Ownership" but we need to create keys and set its value so on and another example in Vista for making iconzed taskbar like Win7. You so must have got my point right ? BTW Thanks for trying out my app Give some more feedback. Thanks and regards Nishant Sekar
  6. Windows Ultimater has lot of advance codes which can make your windows really work like windows ultimate and as you wish it to be. There 3 Tabs knownly "Advance" which has advance options, "Performance" which has performance tweaking options and lastly "Extras" which has "Visual Effects" and "Windows Media Player". Currently supported operating system are :- * Windows XP (x86 and x64) * Windows Vista (x86 and x64) * Windows 7 (x86 and x64) NOTE: SOME FEATURES MAY NOT WORK UNDER WINDOWS XP OPERATING SYSTEM. Download Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=99DJA9KN Check Sum: File: Windows_Ultimater_Version_1.0_Beta_Setup.exe CRC-32: 2ce1b9ff MD4: a72100f3d5e9e6a1e864a2ddd7b2acca MD5: dd24567ec70a61abea02a3e052fcda82 SHA-1: 24e36dc2afa450551544d375e8a88aa2d222ad99 For bug issues please notify me, Thanks and Regards Nishant Sekar
  7. Nice, Adding the link to my favourites.doc...
  8. The VMWARE graphic card driver is hidden in windows.iso which is located in "H:\VMware Workstation\Windows.ISO". If you are able to extract it some how [it is possible ! I did it !] then integrate the driver into windows 7 offline image. Use this "Theme_Load.vbs" =============== Theme_Load.VBS =========================================================================================== =========================================================================================================================== ===================== Theme_Load.REG ======================================= =========================================================================== ================ OOBE.CMD =================================== ============================================================== Hopefully it should work just like how it work for me ! AND DO NOT FORGET TO REPLACE PATCHED UXTHEME FILES WITH ORIGINAL FILES ! ELSE YOU ARE JUST GONNA MESS UP ! AND REPLACE Vagia's G with the theme name, Since i use this script for vista i used Vagia's G
  9. After i installed windows 7 i got bored. Then wanted to switch back to vista. Then planned to integrate vista updates and remove some dirty components tweak services edit some settings blah blah. Yup ! I did everything correctly. According how i used vlite my vista sp1 and everything went like a something. Now i used the genuine vista sp2 iso x86 to vlite and do all those stuffs i said before. Then installed vlited os on VMWare. Setup went properly, OOBE went properly BUT then "Configuring Updates 100% Complete Stage 3 o 3" for 3 hours !! I have integrated only 15 updates ! But with vista sp1 i used to integrate about more than 650 updates !!! And everything was perfect ! I have removed: * All the graphic card drivers * All the printer drivers * All the tv tuner drivers * sound controller * windows defender I have added: * Imagex.exe [Version : 6.0.6001.8000] to Source Folder of DVD * wimgapi.dll [Version : 6.0.6001.8000] to Source Folder of DVD * pid.txt [OEM Key] to Source Folder of DVD Thanks and regards Nishant Sekar
  10. Use AutoPlay Media Studio to make autorun and use other stuffs to make installation file ! Dont forget to sign the autorun Actually I don't like Autoplay Media Studio. I'm using Multimedia Builder. use anything. I just gave my advice.
  11. installed windows 7... Removed windows vista

    1. nishants52


      Moved back to Vista

  12. Just make "SetupComplete.cmd" to your DVD with following scripts. @ECHO OFF SET LOGPTR="C:\Windows\Internet Explorer 9 Installation.TXT" START /WAIT IE9.EXE /quiet /norestart /log:%LOGPTR% DEL IE9.EXE >NUL DEL "SetupComplete.cmd" >NUL
  13. nothing is perfect and as u know it is an software means there are still millions of bug fromwhich you have found out another bug. Microsoft will surely update it. Thanks and regards Nishant Sekar
  14. I just mount the wim, load the hives of winpe and full windows to current registry with loadhive.exe program, i copy and paste the registry stuff from full windows hives to winpe hives. I copy the files from install wim to winpe wim. There is no extra ordinary way. What kind of details you need? I am ready to help. i want some details on what you want it like something... Something... I would happy if someone starts this topic with me in pm. Thanks and regards Nishant sekar
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