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  1. Yes, I agree i have USED his UI, But not the coding.... Also I am ready to compare my coding to Ben If wish to make every thing clear, As He stays just about 25 KM far from House. OK, Today I am gonna upload v1.1, Check it out and does it really still look like RT 7 Lite.
  2. You will soon come to know, Whether is it a copy of RT Seven Lite or NOT. I spent my 4 Months in working on it... Although i did not do everything on my own. I got few references on how to read xml, wimgapi calls blah.. blha... If you would looked carefully the you guys would have come to my app supports:- * Windows 8 * Boot Editing And about reverse engineering, huh? How should i do that please let me know that. None of the images used in RT Seven Lite are copyright material of him neither me. And also there nothing wrong in a kid coding for your kind information. An original artist is unable
  3. The VMWARE graphic card driver is hidden in windows.iso which is located in "H:\VMware Workstation\Windows.ISO". If you are able to extract it some how [it is possible ! I did it !] then integrate the driver into windows 7 offline image. Use this "Theme_Load.vbs" =============== Theme_Load.VBS =========================================================================================== strComputer = "." Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2") Set objFileSystem = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set Shell = WScript.CreateObject("WSc
  4. Just make "SetupComplete.cmd" to your DVD with following scripts. @ECHO OFF SET LOGPTR="C:\Windows\Internet Explorer 9 Installation.TXT" START /WAIT IE9.EXE /quiet /norestart /log:%LOGPTR% DEL IE9.EXE >NUL DEL "SetupComplete.cmd" >NUL
  5. The default animation will be changed by the method i mentioned. If You are talking abut the screen which is black and some kind of flash progress bar comes, Then you have to mount "FirstUXRes.WIM" which is located in [Mount Location]\Windows\System32\oobe, Then Edit the images and then commit it then do the steps i mentioned before. Hope you problem gets solved !
  6. Waitng for final version then will skip windows 7 and jump to Windows 8 lol nice plan
  7. Yes, You can change the bootscreen in offline mode. follow this :- 1.) Customize your bootscreen in test system or vm. 2.) copy the "C:\Windows\System32\en-US\winload.exe.mui" file to some where. NOTE: C:\ is where u have installed test os 3.) Mount install.wim. 4.) Copy the custom "winload.exe.mui" to [Mount Location]\Windows\System32\en-US 5.) Unmount the image with commit command line. 6.) Enjoy !
  8. Yo! I am planing to make more than 4 partions. But during windows installation. Is it possible ? I have 250 GB HDD from seagate. Thanks in advance.
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