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  1. DISM++

    try this link for latest version: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hirk6#path=%252FDism%252B%252B
  2. HELP pls, Winreducer8

    I googled the v0.36 version, and from readme.pdf in it I did not see any words the author does not want to redistribute
  3. HELP pls, Winreducer8

    I don't have any accounts anywhere to upload. Maybe someone else would be willing to make a ZIP with the files in it and upload it.Not me... Sorry... edit - To be honest, I'm not sure that would be allowed anyway. As I said, all that I can find points back to the Author's website so one might assume that the Author has no intentions of allowing redistribution and doesn't state anything about that in the ReadMe. THANK U anyway
  4. HELP pls, Winreducer8

    WinReducer8_x32 and WinReducer8_x64 will be enough, can u share it on like skydrive..., others I think they are same as former versions...
  5. HELP pls, Winreducer8

    thanks, I know this official link winreducer.net but as a chinese user I can not access to it that is why I look help here. is the latest version v0.32?
  6. vlite works on win8? is there any file need protect? can you share how did you do it and your config file (preset.ini)? i want to have a try, apprieciate your help.
  7. hi I want to try the tool --WinReducer8 but I could not open its official website/forum could someone help mail me a copy of the most latest version to my gmail: xxxxxx, thanks a lot!!
  8. auto Setting

    here is mine, you need to make some proper changes to fit yourself. Autounattend.xml
  9. Unable to slipstream SP2 onto Vista SP1 DVD

    MS released the iso image with SP2, why not choose this?
  10. could pls provide the tool?
  11. I think Vlite will break IE10 etc, not recommended.
  12. do it manually with scripts, i reduced the iso to 1.3GB
  13. put the xml file under the Root directory and sources\ like d:\win8rp\AUTOUNATTEND.XML and d:\win8rp\sources\AUTOUNATTEND.XML it did work for my iso file with only choose which disk to install OS do you test it in VM8? pls remove floppy disk support in VM8 settings if yes. btw, my file is for x86, you need open it with notepad and replace all "x86" to "amd64"
  14. you should replace all "x86" wording to "amd64" if you want x64 version unattended and use another RP key, the only one key offically provided sometimes do not work, attached is my file fyi, it works for me. AUTOUNATTEND.XML
  15. Win8 classic start menu

    to #2 & #3, it is not my design and just share, i trust it, not first time UPX version is often took as virus, whether use or not it is up to you