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  1. Infection with tenga.a virus

    Actually I spoke too fast, I really don't know how I got this virus, I'm not uploading anything, don't worry.
  2. Infection with tenga.a virus

    Aaargh, I'm sorry I cound't read all of your posts because this thing happened to me! I got infected by the Tenga virus. Actually I have the file that carried the virus, you want it?? No, it doesn't affect Windows 98, Windows 98 is not vulnerable to Tenga, at least not in my case, it affects Windows XP, totally. The virus came in a game that I downloaded from the Internet, an .exe file for the game Quake2, it installed perfectly on Windows 98 and I can play the game every day perfectly. But recently I wanted to install that game on an XP machine and BANG!!!! Yes, it came to life! It is there, in the .exe file, virus Tenga. The virus is old enough to be successfully dealt with by todays free Antiviruses but I had no antivirus, silly me, haha, Avast resident scanner would have detected it immediately and quanrantee it. Now I will search for the file again and I will upload it so you can check it out and maybe...test it, idk. Just search for an .executable for the game Quake2. Mind you: you can install that game on Windows 98 no problem, but please don't click it under Windows XP, you'll be dead unless you have an antivirus. Ok.
  3. CRT monitor best resolution

    Hi all, I am using Windows XP with a 15-inch CRT monitor and I want to make the best of it, I am looking for the best settings as to: --resolution --theme --font size --DPI is concerned. Right now I am using 800x600x32 and the Windows Classic theme. I would like so bad to use 1024x768 resolution as I do on Ubuntu but here in Windows everything looks sooo small, and if I modify the DPI the results are... let's say unsatisfactory. I know CRT has limitations, but please someone help me how to make the font look great on 1024x768!! I am planning on using Autocad 2007 heavily and the tools and the drawing space is tool cluttered, the tools are out of place, there's gotta be some way of making this look great. I'm not gonna buy a new monitor any time soon, I'll have to stick to this, so any help would be appreciated.
  4. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    I have Firefox -------- A small contribution to the list of programs for Windows 98: FREE: Virtual CloneDrive You can mount iso images with it in Windows 98, I use it to load images for games like Combat Flight Simulator. To mount .NRG images you first have to convert the image to ISO.