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  1. Seems that Paint is the other most-commonly used bundled app that implements the Ribbon in Win8. And I actually use the Ribbon there. But caption text still needs to be made visible with Aero Glass enabled. Hmm... Just tested this and unfortunately a logoff/logon is required to make the theme atlas change take effect. So scripting a swap between atlases would also require that part, which would be pretty clunky. Double hmm...
  2. Apologies for replying to my own post here... Unfortunately O-N-E only solves the problem of "missing caption glow" in Explorer windows. But MS in their infinite wisdom has apparently seen fit to force the Ribbon on other things that are bundled with Windows 8.x, like WordPad (which I use extensively for documentation). Not sure if there are any other parts of the OS that use Ribbon (and I'm not including MS Office in this discussion since it's not bundled and I never use it anyway). I just now noticed that my WordPad captions are hardly visible with the border coloring I have enabled, and I see no way to disable the Ribbon there. NUTZ. Yeah, I prefer drop shadows, rounded corners, and not to use a full blown theme as well. Fortunately, Big Muscle's software facilitates replacement of the theme atlas resources, and through that and crafty manipulation of the drop shadow resources that are composited all around a window you can achieve the appearance of small rounded corners. On Win 8.1 this is the dream I'm living - simple and easier on the eyes. I also reduce the size of the Window chrome by importing a registry key saved from a Win 7 system on which the sizes of several elements were reduced. [Win81WithThemeAtlas.png] Use this replacement theme atlas file, which adds the appearance of rounded corners through a trick of the light using the drop shadow resources... For dark title text: http://Noel.ProDigitalSoftware.com/ForumPosts/Win81/FauxRoundedCorners.png For light title text (shown above): http://Noel.ProDigitalSoftware.com/ForumPosts/Win81/FauxRoundedCornersLightText.png Yes that is the simple elegance I'm looking for Noel, and thanks for your efforts on this. The only issue I have is needing to use separate atlas files for light and dark themes. I'm using Bing Desktop daily wallpaper and allowing Windows to automatically color window borders and taskbar based on the current wallpaper, so I never know if a particular coloring will be "light" or "dark". Maybe it's possible to script a swap between atlas files? Do I just need to restart aerohost.exe or would I also need to logout/login to make a theme atlas change take effect?
  3. I believe this because not all explorer windows are opened in a 64 bit process so both 32bit and 64 bit must be enabled. Yes I do understand that principle, just don't understand why the 32-bit regsvr32.exe is being used to register the apparent 64-bit DLL. I believe the proper way to register the different bit-ness parts would be like this: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\regsvr32.exe <PathTo>OldNewExplorer32.dllC:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe <PathTo>OldNewExplorer64.dll??? (Edited to remove spurious switch for regsvr32.exe)
  4. I just noticed that the Install/Uninstall buttons are actually invoking C:\Windows\SysWOW64\regsvr32.exe to register/deregister both OldNewExplorer32.dll and OldNewExplorer64.dll. If OldNewExplorer64.dll is truly 64-bit then shouldn't it be handled by C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe?
  5. Thanks for the tip, but I'm trying to avoid a full blown theme. Just want the basic Glass that bigmuscle is providing here, and if RoundRectRadius can't be made to work in 8.1 then c'est la vie. I also tried completely disabling and uninstalling O-N-E and that doesn't change this behavior...
  6. If it is still the corners question (your last post in this thread) See the link in my previous quote and look for this word: RoundRectRadius So I tried adding that RoundRectRadius DWORD with a value of 0x12 to my HKCU, restarted aerohost.exe and logged off and back on again for good measure. In my case (running Aero Glass for Win 8.1 v1.3.1), I'm getting a radius on the blur at the corner (not an actual radius on the corner itself). This is most apparent with the window parked over a white background. I've attached a zoomed in example of what I'm seeing: I sure would like this to work like I expected it to, i.e. rounded Win7 style corners. Does this actually work for anyone else? Currently I have Aero Glass installed, plus OldNewExplorer with "Use command bar instead of Ribbon" and "Enable glass on navigation bar" enabled. O-N-E might be at fault here but I'm reluctant to disable it without knowing if RoundRectRadius is still working in Aero v1.3.1. ???
  7. This might be an interface bug with O-N-E itself? Seems that you can actually check all the sub-options below "Use command bar instead of Ribbon" without having that parent option checked: In that case most of the sub-options will actually take effect (!?) But a "Ribboned" window will not show the "glass on navigation bar", even with "Minimize the Ribbon" enabled (most likely because the Ribbon object is preventing that from happening). Note in this screenshot that the other sub-options (Hide caption text, Hide caption icon, etc.) are still in effect: Personally I prefer the flexibility of the other "sub-options" actually working independently of the Ribbon being enabled or disabled. I would like to see all of those options un-indented in the config GUI to indicate this fact. But (based on what I understand about how the Ribbon affects Glass) I believe that the "Enable glass on navigation bar" needs to remain a sub-option of "Use command bar instead of Ribbon" and needs to be unchecked and grayed out when the parent option is not enabled. (Edited to correct that last sentence! ) More on the effects of the Ribbon on Glass and blur here: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170850-aero-glass-for-win81-131/?p=1090261 ... and here: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170850-aero-glass-for-win81-131/?p=1090263
  8. ... and one more post, with a link to the "OldNewExplorer" tool here that allows you to remove the Ribbon in Windows 8.x, thereby allowing caption glow in all Explorer windows: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170375-oldnewexplorer-make-your-81-explorer-work-like-win78-one/ Cheers! (Peter)
  9. Follow-up post to confirm that it's definitely the Ribbon feature in Win8 Explorer windows that's involved in the "missing" caption glow (thanks to "MTDirector" for providing the clue). I found this article: http://www.askvg.com/how-to-disable-new-ribbon-ui-and-get-old-toolbar-back-in-windows-8-explorer/ ...which states that some Explorer windows in Win8 are apparently not "Ribboned" and when opened directly such windows do have the desired caption glow effect. For example, open "C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files" via the Run command and it will default to caption glow (this is with Aero Glass 8.1 installed but no UxStyle or custom theme on my system). See attached screenshot for an example of this. This may be pretty basic info to most of you but for those of us not familiar with Windows 8 theming it is not so obvious. Anyway I'm just putting this info here "for the record" in the hopes that someone else with the same question I had may be able to find the answer without engaging in their own extended self-dialog. B) (Peter)
  10. I guess I will need to use the Socratic method with myself to divine the answer here... Let me start out by saying that I did search for an answer to this issue before that initial post, with no success. And now I've found another thread here where "bullocks" asked basically the same question: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170233-aero-glass-themeatlas/page-3#entry1088004 bigmuscle, you replied to that question with basically "RTFM" and a pointer back to your second post in this thread, which I see (after re-reading) states: Windows with extended glass frame render their captions on their own and thus DWM (and neither my Aero Glass) cannot influence whether the glow effect is rendered behind them.However nowhere do I find an explanation that (some?) Explorer windows (apparently?) fall into this category. Even the Guide on your Aero Glass for Windows 8 website doesn't make this clear IMO. Thankfully "MTDirector" replied to "bullocks" with what I think is the key here: It's normal, all ribbon (my emphasis) windows don't use theme atlas glow but another glow in the visual style. If you want glow in ribbon windows, you must install UxStyle and use a custom theme on your system I do recall tweaking the default window View on my Win8.1 system with regards to how the Ribbon is displayed. Maybe this is why I'm no longer seeing glow in my Explorer window captions? Or maybe this has never worked at all (Ribbon or not) and I'm just confused or recalling things incorrectly. In any case, some clarification on this issue in your Guide and the initial posts in this thread would probably help. Thanks...
  11. Hello bigmuscle, I am not/no longer seeing the window caption glow effect in Explorer windows (though other applications are working fine). Earlier today I applied the KB3000850 update for Windows 8.1 and Aero Glass for Win8.1 correctly downloaded the new symbol file(s) after reboot. That's when I noticied that Explorer windows were no longer showing the caption glow effect. At that point I tried an in-place upgrade to v1.3.1 (via setup-w8.1-1.3.1.exe) but still no glow in Explorer. I finally did a complete uninstall/reinstall of v1.3.1 but glow is still not working on Explorer windows captions. I am using bone stock Win8.1 plus Bing Desktop, my current theme includes only a Bing wallpaper and the slate Color as selected in Personalization (no third-party DLLs other than yours). I thought this was working in v1.2.5 but maybe I am mistaken? I've attached a copy of my debug.log (edited to mask Machine ID and key). Thanks. (Peter) debug.log.txt
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