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  1. Thanks, duffy98. I'm still searching for decent programs to add to my list.... call it my contribution to the Win9x community. Maybe I'm just crazy. I added a couple of Word Processing apps today (Angel Writer, Jarte & AbbyWord) and a couple other progs.
  2. I tried using Eusing Free Registry Cleaner and all it did was delete a bunch of "un-used" file extensions like .zip, .bmp, .jpg and other important file associations. So then I had to re-associate all those file extensions with the correct programs. Basically all Eusing did was screw up my computer. The only registry cleaner I use is the one inside CCleaner.
  3. Here's what I was thinking, XP users will be even more stubborn to upgrade than we have been with our 95/98/ME computers. Furthermore, I think the average person is starting to catch on to Microsoft's practice of "planned obsolescence". You know, they gotta keep the money machine rolling, so don't let customers go too long without forcing a new version of windows down their throats, which usually invovles buying a new computer as well. Microsoft plans to stop support for XP in 2014, only three years from now. When that happens, there's going to be tons of XP users who are going to be left out
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