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  1. What does the part of adding drivers actually do to the operating system?

    I install the operating system in the vhdx file, and then start it through Ventoy. It can be used normally, but when I use Hyper-V and start the Vhdx system, Ventoy cannot be started again.
    I suspect the drive program has changed!


    So, I want to know what Windows NT Setup actually does to the operating system when it adds drivers?

    1. JFX


      Actually it does nothing, WinNTSetup only uses DISMAddDriver function from dismapi.dll.

  2. nhtt

    nhtt    JFX

    Can you build the look and feel like the windows iso setup for your next release, similar to winstallinux

    1. JFX


      No, there are no GUI changes planned.

  3. Hello
    The GUID partition uses WinNTSetup to install 8.1 in PE. After restarting the system, an error is displayed and the installation cannot be performed normally.
    Am I an example?
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    1. JFX


      Hi, what's the exact error message?

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