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  1. What process do you mean? I described it in my previous post, didn't I?
  2. Has anyone of you been able to vlite an up-to-date Windows 7 Image? I install Windows in a VM, download & install all updates available and sysprep it into an up-to-date install.wim (which is 3,8GB in size then). Then I apply & capture the image as described in post #105, but vlite just crashes due to an unhandled exception at 50% of the "Preparing" process. I works fine with my stock Windows 7 SP1 image though.
  3. When I try to remove components, Vlite always crashes after the first step (Preparing). I've tried several versions of wimfltr, a normal install.wim and a "captured" install.wim. Won't work on Windows XP Pro x64 and Windows 7 x64. Any suggestions?
  4. Yeah, Windows is bloated as hell. I mean common, you need like 20GB for a clean Win7 installation. Hard drives getting bigger / cheaper doesn't mean Windows should come with as many useless stuff as possible. What really bugs me is that Microsoft rigorously forces people into switching to Vista / 7 by making things like DirectX 10 / 11 only available on those platforms. I know update support can't be maintained forever, but at least they could maintain compatibility throughout their own products. P.S.: You know what I REALLY miss since 2000? Explorer Web View: http://www.compu-seite.de/bilder/win2000pro/windowsexplorer.gif I think I like that blue cloudish one from 98 better, but you get the idea.
  5. It's really a shame the time has come that Windows 2000 is getting useless. I got rid of my older hardware and since I now have a Quadcore only, Windows 2000 is not an option any more. When I got my first TFT in 2006 I had to switch to XP because the lack of Cleartype in 2k was really raping my eyes. But I never got used to XP's look, and although you could switch to Classic Look you still had those Teletubby icons.. Well, long story short, 2000 is the most awesome OS ever built and I will never forget those days when I was using it. Gosh, this sounds nerdy.. Anyway, it was those days in 2001 when the internet was not something god **** everybody used. Not yet. NOSTALGIA ATTACK OVER
  6. Will there be any future updates for this?
  7. I syspreped windows 7 sp1 with all updates and some programs like FireFox, Adobe Reader and other stuff. The wim image is now about 4GB in size, but I cant vlite it. Even the apply/capture workaround doesnt work. Any suggestions?
  8. Heya! I'm sysprep'ing windows 7 and I wonder how I can change the default settings for every user created. Like when you create a new user, there's this blue background with the windows 7 flag and the thick task bar and stuff. How can I change that? I want Windows 7 to show the "Windows Classic" Theme by default. Thanks in advance!
  9. Heya! So I want to change my Ultimate ISO (It only contains Ultimate) to Professional, so I renamed everything in the install.wim to PROFESSIONAL using imagex. I edited ei.cfg and replaced install_Windows 7 ULTIMATE.clg with install_Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL.clg. So the imagex info output shows this: WIM Information: --------------------- GUID: {A1F29E88-D667-4E09-9D10-DBD6823CDC6D} Image Count: 1 Compression: LZX Part Number: 1/1 Attributes: 0x8 RP_FIX Image Index: 1 ------------------- Name: Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL Description: Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL Flags: Professional Files: 49681 Folders: 10250 Expanded Size: 8660 MB WIM XML Information: --------------------------- <WIM> <TOTALBYTES>2341352253</TOTALBYTES> <IMAGE INDEX="1"> <DIRCOUNT>10250</DIRCOUNT> <FILECOUNT>49681</FILECOUNT> <TOTALBYTES>9081488497</TOTALBYTES> <HARDLINKBYTES>3419754031</HARDLINKBYTES> <CREATIONTIME> <HIGHPART>0x01CBFA1A</HIGHPART> <LOWPART>0x44858C31</LOWPART> </CREATIONTIME> <LASTMODIFICATIONTIME> <HIGHPART>0x01CC264F</HIGHPART> <LOWPART>0x23FB4666</LOWPART> </LASTMODIFICATIONTIME> <WINDOWS> <ARCH>0</ARCH> <PRODUCTNAME>Betriebssystem Microsoft® Windows®</PRODUCTNAME> <EDITIONID>Ultimate</EDITIONID> <INSTALLATIONTYPE>Client</INSTALLATIONTYPE> <HAL>acpiapic</HAL> <PRODUCTTYPE>WinNT</PRODUCTTYPE> <PRODUCTSUITE>Terminal Server</PRODUCTSUITE> <LANGUAGES> <LANGUAGE>de-DE</LANGUAGE> <DEFAULT>de-DE</DEFAULT> </LANGUAGES> <VERSION> <MAJOR>6</MAJOR> <MINOR>1</MINOR> <BUILD>7601</BUILD> <SPBUILD>17514</SPBUILD> <SPLEVEL>1</SPLEVEL> </VERSION> <SYSTEMROOT>WINDOWS</SYSTEMROOT> </WINDOWS> <NAME>Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL</NAME> <FLAGS>Professional</FLAGS> <DESCRIPTION>Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL</DESCRIPTION> </IMAGE> </WIM> What really bugs me is <EDITIONID>Ultimate</EDITIONID> which I am apparenty not able to change. imagex does not offer an option. Oh and.. how do I access the unattended answer file? The pre-entered key wont work anymore since the version changed.
  10. I would replace the DVD-RW drive. Why would you do so? I am 100% confident that my suggested solution is gonna work.
  11. Extract the image and replace the setup.exe in the root dir with the setup.exe from the 'sources' directory. I had the same problem and this did the trick.

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