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  1. I learned that vlite is not compatible with SP1, so i just gave it up. Installed with no problems after that. It was nice knowing you vlite!
  2. So as the title says, i am having trouble creating a bootable USB disk with the ISO i created with vLite. All i removed are tablet and speech support basically. I am using "Windows 7 usb dvd download tool" from microsoft to do this and it is returning an error: "The selected file is not a valid ISO file" . If there is an alternative to this tool that would work, i would appreciate it. If not, any other solution? The iso i modified is one from "digital river content", a W7 SP1 ultimate x86. Last Session.ini
  3. You did not read the whole post.. Part about "hanging" is refered to 7lite when trying to load iso image from my hard drive. thanks neo2k, i will try that and report back.
  4. ..even if i do not change anything. The error i get is something like: "...cd\dvd drive device drivers missing..". From what googling told me, it has nothing to do with disc drive, it's some kind of raid/ahci/ issue. When i try to install original iso, everything works great. Some background: i'm trying to "clean up" windows 7x86. Yes, i know there is 7lite, but for some reason it does not work at all when i try it. It just hangs there, or says my iso is corrupted or something like that. I'm simply trying to remove those big space wasters like music and video samples, tablet and speech support, stuff like that. I'm also installing from USB, but the same thing happened when i tried it with dvd. I also downloaded intels matrix storage drivers and tried with them to no avail. Any ideas?
  5. Hello As the title says, i have a problem. When i want to say move a file in another folder, i click on the "move to" and then a windows opens with folder list where i need to select where to move my files. Problem is, when i click a folder in that folder tree, the whole tree scrolls down, instead up. For example, i have an mp3 in my downloads folder. i want to move it to D:\Music. I click on "Move to.." and the window opens up where i need to select the location. I find D:\ and when i click to expand it, instead of D:\ going up in this window revealing subfolders that i need (music), it goes down and i have to scroll. It's just ridiculous that this irritating omission has not been fixed yet. http://goo.gl/Ws20D Any solution or a fix? Also, for no apparent reason, windows has stopped generating previews for my media files when the view is set on thumbnails. I have not installed any codec pack or something like that that i am aware of. Where can i look to see if maybe this option has been disabled? Thanks
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