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  1. @Volatus: I fully agree with you. For me Vista is such a crappy and bloated OS and also too expensive IMHO (if you compare the new things in Vista with the prices for the editions). I'm sure Vista will be the "Windows ME" of the NT series ... And because I'm still using XP Pro (and will do this as long it will be practible) I wish XPero will release a last and bug-free final release of XPize. Then he can burry it in this minds ;) ...

  2. I installed XPize on a fresh XP SP 3 and there are no problems except the shell32 bug, which was already on SP 2. The logoff screen, the boot screen, everything is like on SP 2 ...

    I think that you have a problem based on your running system ...

    EDIT: I just looked into the resources folder of XPize and see that there is only ONE icon for patching, not more ...

  3. In my case the drivers are already uncompressed and so the 7-Zip utility isn't needed. The only GUI-like I "want" to see is a progress bar from your tool during the installations of the drivers (perhaps with showing what hardware is installing in that moment). And it would be very nice to "say" the drive letter via an argument / parameter ...

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