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  1. It says all I can do is remove its entry from the Programs and Features list. I found a StartIsBack .dll file in my AppData, is it possible that if I delete that somehow I can remove StartIsBack?
  2. I have a 64-bit version of Windows 8 Pro, and am currently trying out multiple start menu restorers before buying one. However, I can't uninstall StartIsBack, no matter what I try. What's a workaround?
  3. Nelson340


    How will IE9 be handled?
  4. WLE comes out every year or two, I'm wary of making any changes to it for fear of them becoming obsolete. What issues are you thinking of specifically? Two things I've noticed are in Windows Live Mail: 1. The pixel art setup icon when it starts 2. It uses an animation from Windows 98 when downloading email.
  5. Also, will Windows Live Essentials be fixed? I noticed a couple 98/2000-esque pixel art icons occasionally.
  6. Some time within the next two weeks. ...And now it's been two weeks. Will it come out today?
  7. Nelson340


    Alright, I found two errors: 1. The Desktop and Taskbar/Start Menu control panel icons depict the Vista taskbar. 2. The Properties window for a hard drive has a pixel art traffic light icon in it, seen here:
  8. Nelson340


    You think there would be a way to force installation programs to use the higher quality icon used by Programs and Features instead of that low-quality pixel art icon from Windows 2000?
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