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  1. @MiKl > I have tried a while ago to copy and paste text from SumatraPDF to Notepad++ and back to search field of Sumatra, and all has been working well. But I use now Kexbases 10, so the problem must be in the used Kexbases version. As far as the browser images, I have neither SeaMonky, nor CorelDraw, but a similar constallation: Kex-Firefox/Opera and non-Kex-PaintShop7/PhotoShop7. Again, with Kexbases 10 I have no c&p problem. @jumper > Yes, I was initially afraid that by mixing of different KernelEx component versions I get some mismatch. So first I experimented with a pure version 10. Foxit 4/5 worked correctly and all other programs, only Cinema4D R13 (otherwise working with only the original Xeno's build) still crashed when attempting to open help or tutorials from inside the program. Then I tried the version 12 with only Kexbases 10, and it was all right. Till now I have found no defect in any program, using this "mismatch" combination. So meanwhile I wait until some collision appears… or until Kexbases 12 will be revised…
  2. KernelEx 12 works fine, thanks. But there is still a little bug in Kexbases 11 and 12. In Foxit Reader (tested on versions and the PDF text can be neither selected nor copied. The popup window "Failed to init" appears with the message "Invalid User32.dll, cannot find SetLayeredWindowAttributes". So I have reverted Kexbases back to version 10, which is O.K. What is interesting, if PDF file is opened in Adobe Reader, there is no problem to copy text with Kexbases 12. The only difference between these two readers: Adobe Reader copies text in ANSI style and Foxit Reader in Unicode style.
  3. I second that. What is wrong with the current wiki? Xrayer confirms the working uTorrent 2.0.2. I use 2.0.4, it's working too. On KX Wiki compatibility page I have seen the version 2.2.1. But it can be used only for uploads; when you start to download, for a while the application runs until it attempts to write the downloaded data from virtual memory onto hard drive. Then the program crashes. Since the version 2.2 there is a new method of writing files applied which uses some NT API call which is not implemented in KernelEx. Xeno, please, could you fix it?

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