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  1. If the error message says exactly Windows cannot find the file E:\\INSTALL\Backup\Syncback_Setup.exe propably the correct path is cmd1[pn]=['%cdrom%\INSTALL\\backup\\SyncBack_Setup\\SyncBack_Setup.exe /VERYSILENT'] because maybe %cdrom% returns E:\ and not E:
  2. See this page http://unattended.msfn.org/intermediate/ap...ipstreaming.htm
  3. When you include files in folder $OEM$\$1 means that the files will copied to the systemdrive during the installation of windows. So in the case you have the folder $OEM$\$1\install\WPI\... in your unattended disc the folder install (incl. subdirs) will be copied to the systemdrive so the correct path for the applications is %systemdrive%\install.... -or- if you dont want the files to be copied in the systemdrive you can have the install folder in the root dir of the disc so the correct path is %cdrom%\install\...
  4. Make a clean installation of the application you want and enter the serial number when it asks for it. After that check in the registry in the following keys: HKCU\Software\..Appname... -or- HKCM\Software\..Appname... maybe the serial number stored in these keys You can backup the whole key for using it in WPI. Remember that the key maybe encrypted or some applications stores the serial number in the %programdir% or in the %appdata% folders
  5. I Haven't tried it but as I know WPI uses the command RunOnce which means that if you reboot your computer after an installation of an application the next commands remain in registry until they executed. So I imagine that is possible to use reboots in each installation But a few programs need to restart after their installation. All programs that their installation uses Windows Installer means that it's safe to install them without reboot. Some other programs asks reboot for starting some services but is not necessary to do it.
  6. Hi guys, I have Intel P4 650 which is running at 3.4GHz it has HT tech. and also supports EM64T I also have the Intel Pentium D 830 (Dual Core) which is running at 3.0GHz and its the first Pentium with 800MHz FSB that hasn't HT tech but it has 2 cores and it's better. I agree for the Intel Pentium Series 5x1 which has 1MB cache and HT and supports also EM64T. SO the processor 2.8 must be one of the following models to support Windows x64. Intel Pentium 4 521 -or- Intel Pentium D 820 -or- !!!!!!!!! AMD Athlon 64 2.8 with Hyper-Transport Technology (HT) !!!!!!!!!
  7. I hope 10 days after, that you have been in vacations...
  8. Ok, I think you are right, I will try it in my next WPI confiuration update thank you
  9. Yes, but what happens if you want to dissalow choosing both options, but only one at a time?
  10. Welll if the variable-names are still the same then you can prevent this from causing trouble, but if they changed that too... the variable-name for "All Users" is %allusersprofile% (atleast in XP) I allways try to prevent fixed locations to make my CD's as universal as possible... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm trying to find ways to make all the paths universal, check this post: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=54282 and try to help me if you want. I also found a way to make variables for desktop and common desktop see the attached file setvar.cmd
  11. This vary in each program, Sometimes I installed and activate the application in virtual machine then copy the key from the registry and use it in WPI, other way is to get all files from the folder %allusersprofile%\appdata, or one more way is to install the app, activate it, then take backup of the appdir, %appdata% and all regkeys then make an installer with winrar self-extract.
  12. you can use copy /? to get the list of params, or you can see the command xcopy which is better and copies whole dirs (xcopy /? for list of params) For the Unknown folders I always install the app in virtual machine and I check the name of the installation folder.
  13. Doc Symbiosis, thanks again. I've tried the example you gave me but WPI doesn't recognize %wpipath% in config.js. I've tried also to copy wpi.ico in the systemdrive and use the variable %cdrom% but also no result. Maybe I have to to use the example you gave us in the 3rd post in this topic, but I cannot understand it fully, also I don't want to use network shares. thanks a lot
  14. I've created 2 discs with WPI. One Disc is Windows Unattended Installation which installs Windows XP and some basic things, after that copies the folder WPI to the systemdrive and when I finished the installation I'm running WPI and continue the installation of the other applications. In This Case I'm using the variable %systemdrive% in the WPI Configuration File. The Second Disc is an Application Installation Disc, I have the same applications and in WPI Configuration file I use the variable %cdrom% so I'm doing the installations direct from the DVD disc. My problem is that I have to maintain 2 different configuration files in WPI. I thought that I would use a universal path in config file "\\WPI\\Install\\Apps..." so it will no mater if the WPI is running from "cdrom" or "systemdrive" but with no luck, the WPI doesn't recognize this path. Please Help me find a way to solve this Thank you all.
  15. I know that, but I want to do the following. I want to have the folder WPI in the root directory of my hdd or in the root dir of a cd disk, inside the wpi folder I want to have a 'install' folder which will have the applications. So in my config file I want to have a path like '\\wpi\\install\app...' so it will no matter if the drive is c: or d: or anything else. I've tried the above but WPI doesn't recognize the path. thanks
  16. Im interested to have WPI folder in the root folder of the cd or hdd and inside wpi the folder install (applications) so it will work either from cd or hdd is all these necessary or I can do it with more easy way thanks
  17. Check the version of Internet Explorer that you have, maybe you don't have the latest which includes support for the vbscript
  18. Ok, I mean that you have to import the file wpi.reg file in your registry from the common subfolder of the wpi folders
  19. Try to import the %wpipath%\common\wpi.reg and if its work try to find out what is wrong with the path
  20. You have to run wpi.cmd because it has a registry tweak for MS IE
  21. Ok, I founded, When I used quotes the value was "REG_Z C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop" and finally I had to remove the space from 'delims' and i left only the tab. So now it is working fine the value is "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop" I wonder what delims is, and why this happened. Thank you anyway Doc Symbiosis and glugolian, I wouldn't make it without your help.
  22. Doc Symbiosis, many thanks for your tries to help me I founded the solution to create variable for the path "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop" But now I'm trying without success to create a variable for the common desktop "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop" see my previous posts. I think the problem is when I'm trying to get the Value "Common Desktop" from the registry because it has a space. Thank you very much,
  23. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en Download and install the high definition driver for x64 and after this install the driver of your sound card
  24. I've just want to create variables for desktop and common desktop, because I'm using 2 versions of Windows Greek and English, and the folder names are different. I've made it with the variable for the desktop, but I cannot make it for Common Desktop as I described. I'm keeping the ECHO command which is useless for what I do but is the way to check if the variable has the correct value. After this I will delete or copy shortcuts from desktop using these variables.
  25. Ok, I founded, I've just used the tab and the space as you wrote in the comment of the batch file. Now the variable has the value "c:\documents and settings\alex\desktop" But I need to use the variable also for all users so I've tried the following: @ECHO OFF FOR /F "tokens=2* delims=" %%A IN ('REG QUERY "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders" /v Common Desktop') DO SET ComDesktop=%%B ECHO Common Desktop=%ComDesktop% PAUSE But I didnt made it, i'm getting an error "Too many command-line parameters". Also I want to know what is %%A, %%B and if I want 2 or more variables must these letters be changed Thanks

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