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  1. Again, i did not create the thread. remember when you read threads you cannot just look at the pretty flags as a means of identifying people. as both me and leo(knight) are from Australia, and hence both have the same flag. WOW now if you remember that you will not have people like me getting offended when you get confused and say stupid comments thinking you are smart. If you are not capable of understanding what is going on i would not recommend you abuse people here because it makes you look like a dam fool. Plus it is not very nice abusing people full stop and i would assume it is probably a rule here. Edit: ow and just in case other people are wondering what thread we are talking about here is the link knight_dkn's thread
  2. But i didn't start that thread some other fool did edit: wait so let me get this straight , you though i created a thread and abused my self and linux in it. lol ok well i understand why you were so confused, and since english is not your native language i will not take it personally.
  3. Just in case tak digs him self into a bigger hole of brutal ignorance, PPC is a processor architecture which my linux server runs on, which i also do assembly programming on for basic hardware drivers. this has nothing to do with the mac operating system.
  4. WTF tak, are you having problems with the english language i have never been anti linux, i don't even have a copy of windows installed on any of my computers. I think you should get back to reality before saying comments that i am anti linux. And if you do not know what PPC is then that is not my fault. Stop being a fool.
  5. Linux does not make my brain squishy, though ppc assembly sure does create havoc
  6. So It it nice to see msfn.org support linux as a server operating system, unlike microsoft who only abuses it and released false documents about performance and cost compared to windows.
  7. Did you guys know that MSFN forums are run on a Linux server????
  8. Hi it appears the most efficient method to get a gmail account is to post my e-mail address here. ......... thanks in advance
  9. Hi i'd love an invite if anyone has one. Thanks in advance
  10. Here's a really insightful article about the history of Microsofts winfs file system. I think everyone will find it a very interesting read. http://www.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=04/09/04/0157204

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