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  1. You don't need to overvolt to get the processors full potential. At least my E6400 runs fine overclocked and undervolted. Don't you think 3.28GHz @ 1.28V is good when compared to the stock 2.13GHz @ 1.35V (not sure if I remember the stock voltage correctly)?
  2. By the way, has anyone noticed this? It's the folder of the BEAST builds of new nightlies, with an .msi installer.
  3. Use RunOnceEx, but add this to the end of the batch file: rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess It will then trigger RunOnceEx immediately
  4. Well actually foobar doesn't need to be _installed_, for a minimal install you only need to extract the main exe and a few components (utf8api.dll, foo_input_std.dll, foo_output_std.dll and foo_ui_std.dll). The good thing in your player is that it's much smaller (that kind of minimal foobar still weights almost a whole megabyte), but that's because of foobar being able to play more filetypes than just mp3. But I still prefer foobar
  5. I load up a special preconfigured mini-foobar2000 when installing. I fire it up with foobar2000.exe "path/to/music/files/*.*" and when it's time to close, I use: foobar2000.exe /command:foobar2000/close" So no need for pskill or anything like that. And it also uses only ~3mb of memory, which is not bad (though it could be lower). This is what it looks like:
  6. RyanVM, I tested the test build #3 on my own machine by doubleclicking the file (the first test was on VirtualPC and RunOnceEx, as I said before) and it rebooted. This is beginning to get really weird I have no idea why it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't. I think I'll try the build #4 on my own machine soon, as I really wan't to get this working x00783, Why do you have the /norestart swithc twice in your code?
  7. Looks like that at least the test build #3 works when run from RunOnceEx.
  8. I create my own setup with the help of mcm_ham's second post here..
  9. I'd be happy to try out some test builds, because the installer works sometimes but sometimes it restarts (mostly when run from RunOnceEX right after a clean Windows XP SP2 install). That's also the reason why I've stopped working with my unattended install project :B
  10. Hmm, this is really weird. I have the exact same problem as Frank_Sechrist. I installed this on my own computer (normally from Windows) and it worked fine, but when I tried my unattended install (for the first time ever on a real computer) and installed it from RunOnceEx, it restarted. Strange.
  11. Ryan, I just extracted your jre5.exe (which I had downloaded like 5 times and every one of them restarted Windows after installation) and made a 7z installer from the extracted files with that exact config and guess what? It worked perfectly! So thanks for sharing that piece of code with us
  12. How about IntelliType then? What are the devices called? I've a MS MultiMedia Keyboard. Would it be MMK?
  13. This should help you out ;Reverse the functionality of the F-Lock key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout] "Scancode Map"=hex:00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,19,00,00,00,3b,00,3b,e0,3c,00,08,e0,\ 3d,00,07,e0,3e,00,3e,e0,3f,00,3f,e0,40,00,40,e0,41,00,41,e0,42,00,42,e0,43,\ 00,43,e0,44,00,23,e0,57,00,57,e0,58,00,58,e0,3b,e0,3b,00,08,e0,3c,00,07,e0,\ 3d,00,3e,e0,3e,00,3f,e0,3f,00,40,e0,40,00,41,e0,41,00,42,e0,42,00,43,e0,43,\ 00,23,e0,44,00,57,e0,57,00,58,e0,58,00,00,00,00,00
  14. Thanks. I actually got it working by moving the shutdown.exe syntax a bit higher in the cleanup.cmd. It was the last entry and I believe it was for some reason not started, but now it works. Thanks for the help though
  15. Yes it's at the end of RunOnceEx and it's like this: REG ADD %KEY%\055 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\Install\Cleanup.cmd" /f. What's that " & iREX & " in your RunOnceEx? Also, why do you have ""%systemdrive%.....cmd"" instead of just "%systemdrive%.....cmd"?
  16. First off, be gentle for me, this is my first post here I've searched the forums and tried to find the answers by myself, but I haven't had any luck. Perhaps I've not used the correct search terms... Any way, to the point now. I 7-zipped all the fonts I want to add to my unattended Windows setup. run this in RunOnceEx and it actually works (I have 7z.exe in \system32): REG ADD %KEY%\015 /VE /D "Fonts" /f REG ADD %KEY%\015 /V 1 /D "7z.exe e %systemdrive%\Install\Fonts.7z -o%windir%\Fonts" /f REG ADD %KEY%\015 /V 2 /D "REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\Install\Fonts.reg" /f Now I was wondering if it was possible not to have the 7-zip window open up? I tried running a fonts.cmd (with cmdow @ /HID) and when I ran it on my computer to test if it works, it worked, but when I run it in RunOnceEx, it doesn't work. It goes straight over the "Fonts" part. And yes, I had it pointing to the fonts.cmd. Also, a bit off-topic, I wanted to have Windows restarting automatically after RunOnceEx, so I wouldn't need to manually restart, with shutdown.exe -r -f -t 30 -c "Windows XP will now restart in 30 seconds..." in my cleanup.cmd, but it doesn't restart. Any ideas how to do that? Can I even run shutdown.exe in RunOnceEx? Thanks in advance.

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