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  1. I am having the same issue as Prowler had: EXTRAC32.DLL is linked to missing export CABINET.DLL: 24 Prowler, how did you solve this issue? Or anybody else, please help!
  2. ...or if that fails, perhaps you can manually install the driver first (simply right click on the correct INF file, choose "add to registry" or "Install". Then if you reattach the device, hardware wizard might find the driver already registered. This sometimes can help with 3rd party drivers or drivers not specifically written for the device yet working well (based on the same chip family)
  3. Eventually, when all old hardware bite the dust, emulation will remain as the only option. Dosbox CVS/SVN builds are pretty much beefed up these days; support multicore CPUs, Voodoo 1 emulation, D3D / OpenGLide output... you name it. Some people run Win95 in Dosbox, too. I tried Taewoong's build in combination with nGilde 0.95. It works really well with a lot of Dos Glide games. Taewoong's page nGlide
  4. I did not mean proof for reason of the issue itself... English is not my native tongue either and was in a hurry. I corrected the post.
  5. I can confirm what duffy98 said (my own and many other people's experience). On a hunch, it happens 90% of all times because of "delayed start" applications like certain browser addons / plugins, firewalls, antivirus programs etc. A longer response time is completely normal for these under true win32 systems (w2k, XP etc.) but w9x Message Server gets crazy on encountering them. Running Zonealarm and a few Firefox plugins I learned to be patient when w9x boots into GUI, take my time when surfing the net (wait a little after the browser starts) etc. Proof Other people also found the "be patient" method effective: http://www.pcuser.com.au/pcuser/hs2.nsf/lookup+1/05F3B90BE3992523CA256FBA002EBFCC
  6. The Win98 FE serial will not work. You will need a working Win98 SE key. With Win98SE being EOL more than 6 yrs I do not think there is a way to retrieve you original if you lost it, nor getting a replacement. That is why you can download MS Win9x legacy updates without the usual validation. Legally questionable but ethically not (as you HAVE a legit copy all right), you can either get someone else's unused serial and do not use win9x for any business (was not the plan was it) OR buy an old retail copy of Win98SE for a few bucks.
  7. Listen to jaclaz. After switching the CD burner and reinstalling the OS this is more than likely a software problem. I suggest switching to Process Explorer and Advanced Task Manager in order to pin down the resource hog. (Your screenshots do not show how much free memory you have when burning, how much your CPU is stressed, and if you have buffer underruns... You might have constant ongoing error correction at hardware level (in the burner) which is not successful. Even if you cannot monitor this, a longer-than-usual burning of the same source material can be a warning for that. So check if your hard drives and optical drives are operating in their optimal UDMA mode. (Check BIOS if you have made changes before, and verify in Win98 as well.) Vanilla Nero, even an older one such as v5.5 installs unnecessary codecs and stuff. You might not need those. But its memory footprint roughly is on par with that of a recent ImgBurn release. Your decision. If you only write audio discs, advanced functions like high precision RAW writing (to make 1:1 copy of certain copy protected material) are not that important. Burning the ISO will only have significant advantage if you used compressed source material (MP3, Ogg etc) before and wrote those ON THE FLY to CD-DA track.
  8. As far as I know, boards designed for Intel Atoms are a no go for Win9x. Even motherboards that are TWO generations older than yours can be problematic, might run Win9x but at a great price (no UDMA support for hdds, missing drivers for onboard audio, LAN etc..) IMHO you must pin down exactly WHAT you need to run on this small PC in the first place - can you sacrifice functionality for speed or vice versa... ? Is it going to be a win9x only or a dual boot system??? If you want a 100% supported motherboard (with original or hacked drivers, does not matter) then you are upper-limited to Intel 875 boards, up to Prescott processors. Certain Core 2 Duo boards (from Asrock for example) might also be considered but then with their AGI support you can use a selected few AGP cards only. I dont know much about the AMD route but that seems to end with Socket 939 motherboards... Boards that support the Athlon x2 4800+ and the equivalent (premium) FX line... Socket AM2 boards and above seem to have problems as well. If you do not have a basic, working chipset driver at least, you can forget about installing win9x. Read the very 1st sticky: HTH
  9. My experience is the same. Neither AVG nor Kaspersky found anything, not even suspicious sequences. I think V-Buster's heuristics scan is too strong and it cannot be loosened. But it will not delete suspicious files right away, so it is not a destructive program. On a sidenote, I found that AVG reported a handful of "corrupted" Win98SE system files, most of them are from 98SSE2ME (Millenium). They are not infected, of course. But AVG recognised that these are not original Win98SE files so put them in quarantine
  10. Many of those comments on Win98 reveal ignorance, false prejudice and the general misconcept that newer means faster & better. MDGx at least told those guys the truth but that won't change their opinion. I am especially careful not to bring such quick judgement since I got to know people who still use their Amigas for web browsing on daily basis . Somehow their computers never gets infested with trojans and spyware... Strange, really strange. Still, it is a fact that Win98 is still here after 12 years. XP may also live that long (even after its official EOL) but Windows Phone 7...? Who will even remember it in 12 yrs? But then again, it is an OS for devices that age 3 times as fast as PCs...
  11. I have just downloaded, updated online and run a "quick" scan on system files (root / Windows /Program Files dir, boot sector, memory) just for fun... I recall using V-Buster along with McAfee products back in the late 80s, early 90s. This scan (on all files, not just executables) took cca 35 minutes A fast 32bit engine would be nice. Found a worm and a few trojans, need to check these against AVG and Kaspersky on XP.
  12. If your computer is otherwise rock-stable with XP and you can rule out hardware failures (all voltages, all I/O test readouts are OK, Orthos, Prime95 etc. can run at least for 2 hrs) then try to find out what the problem is on Win98SE. If vanilla Win98SE works perfectly then most likely (one of) the upgrades cause(s) the problem. Install one package at a time starting with the one with the oldest files. Maybe it is easier for you to do it this way: 1. install WIN98SE + all drivers 2. TEST. IF OK then make a backup 3. install Uo SP2 or SP3 beta 4 4. TEST. IF OK make a backup 5. install selected upgrades from MDGx's site. (btw he is not the author of Uo Service Packs). Be careful here, many of them have specific prerequisites AND cannot be installed with certain upgrades already present. 6. TEST. IF OK make a backup 7. install 98SE2ME. (This is not only a vanilla ME transplant any more, it contains patched/upgraded ME system files as well.) 8. TEST... you know the rest 9. install KernelEx
  13. After uninstalling KernelEx 4.5 RC5 my registry files (system.dat and user.dat) got deleted. Not corrupted but erased, so Windows could not load. Fortunately, I could restore a recent backup and then installed 4.5 Final. Have I missed something important here concerning proper install / uninstall...?
  14. ad 1 Try Advanced Task Manager (ATM) and Process Explorer. ad 2 Definitely. You can find many patches and fixes on MDGX's site that are more recent, more stable etc than SP2 so eventually 85% of Unofficial SP2 files will be replaced by newer ones. IMHO this means that one can safely skip SP2 entirely. 982ME and KernelEx are what you need on a faster system like a P4 or A64. Keep in mind what LoneCrusader said; having more RAM than cca 1 GB and "large" HDDs (above cca 125 GB) mean that need to install other fixes. For RAM, you can go up to cca 1.25 GB with a free solution, anything above that calls for RLoew's Ram Limitation patch. For large HDDs and onboard SATA controllers without Win98 drivers, you will need RLoew's TBPLUS package. ad 3 Not in the scope of these forums I am afraid, but there are some games which cannot run optimally (or worse, wont run at all) on any other Windows than Win95 / Win98 because they are hardwired to certain 9x specific files (WinG32, ancient Quicktime codecs, video card drivers etc.) For example, Warhammer 4k Chaos Gate was such a game. You should visit other -gaming- sites as well, although there might be people around here who can give you hints, too.
  15. You have a point here, I was wrong, I thought that some simple "copy the .ax and .dll files and register them" method will work but it definitely will not. Real media is now a "player bundle", surgically inseparable from the codec. As for VLC, I also tried overwriting core library files of v1.0.3 with v1.1.x but it results in crashes, clearly the older players do not recognize the new dlls However, I had no problems with v.1.0.3, it was stable (mostly playing H264 720p videos in MKV, FLVs, high res XVID in AVI)
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