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  1. Is the link for SP2 in post #1 confirmed to be legit and malware free?
  2. "ID 15016, "Unable to initialize the security package Kerberos for server side authentication" I get this one after a clean Vista x64 SP1 install using an integrated ISO I downloaded directly from MS. The name of my ISO was: SW_DVD5_Windows_Vista_Business_64BIT_English_64_Full_Int_MLF_X14-56048.ISO
  3. XP Home will use both cores in a core duo or X2 as well. Its running two physical cpus that Home will not do.
  4. Don't forget that Pro also has the group policy editor, which may or may not be of use to you
  5. denzilla

    KB 936357.

    I haven't checked yet, but can this update be uninstalled, or is it a permanent change? I always though Microcode was embedded in the cpu itself, but I'm probably wrong.
  6. denzilla

    KB 936357.

    Yea, thats been showing up on just about every celeron, pentium III, IV that I've scanned for updates on. I installed it without any ill effects. Microsoft would be in quite the pickle pushing this out to people that didn't need it and it wound up screwing a up an assload of PCs.
  7. It was a corrupt setupx.dll causing the problem. All good now
  8. Just games from like MSN gaming zone, Firefox
  9. I've tried uninstalling Ooo, Firefox and some games.
  10. Thanks, I'll try that when I get back to the PC
  11. I have one 98SE machine that won't allow me to uninstall anything from add/remove or from attempting to execute the program's uninstaller. When I try, nothing happens. The computer still responds, but the uninstaller never starts. No spyware/Virus infections found and installs go normally. Any ideas?
  12. When I do a fresh install of 98SE, WU always fails. All I do to resolve the situation is update the root certificates and it fixes WU everytime.
  13. I've noticed this problem on all PCs that have been upgraded from Windows update to Microsoft Update. Before upgrading, it was like 2min max to get the list and with MU, its now upwards of 5-9 minutes! Going to administrative options and reverting back doesn't make the problem go away, either. I know its also scanning for Office updates too but in the time it takes MU to scan it, I could've got a list from WU, manually visited OU and cut my lawn! This is a pretty severe problem and wastes a lot of people's time. Its hell on patch tuesday at work since we're poor and don't have a WSUS.
  14. When I had RC1 installed, it worked by default without installing/configuring anything. You can use cpu-z to watch the cpu speedstep.
  15. I know you meant well and I'm an emulation nut, but its not a good idea to post romsite links. The main reason being its just telling their enemies where to look so they can be shut down. Second reason is that I'm sure it violates a rule on this board. Best advice is to keep the treasure sites to yourself and enjoy the hobby.
  16. There are many people with brains who asking me over and over why they see popups of casino and when i am asking them:"Do you have installed MSG PLUS and disabled the sponsor?". They answer most of the time with:"Yes!! But which sponsor? Dont see a question about sponsor or adware?" Windows is to easy to use for dummies, thats why people earns money at this toolbar. And what do you understand at "adware"? I call programs which wants to install without my permission adware... But if they stay creating nontoolbarversions, i am happy then ! They are asking for permission to install the Yahoo toolbar. Thats what the handy checkbox in the install options is for. Granted, it shouldn't be checked by default, but I'm sure thats a requirement set by Yahoo, not the Ccleaner dev. Konfabulator hasn't changed any since Yahoo bought them other than their name. The way I see it, if you're using a program like Ccleaner that deletes file and messes with the registry, then you should be smart and experienced enough to pay attention to its installation process. If you don't, then you deserve what you get. In this case, It could be alot worse. Imagine the stink it would create if it was WhenU or VX2 Ccleaner was installing instead of Yahoo.
  17. While the Yahoo stuff is annoying, I don't classify it as adware. Besides, there is a checkbox to opt out of yahoo toolbar installation that anyone with half a brain can see during installation. He's surely getting a cash infusion from Yahoo for including it so let him make some lunch money.
  18. Shouldn't you be using Winupdate v6? Could be your issue.
  19. I have a simliar thread over at Neowin. One helpful member pointed out that since FF 1.5 has the new instant back/forward feature, that it will use more RAM. I had 2 tabs open and had been on an astronomy site picture gazing for about an hour.
  20. Yea, I heard of it, but I don't want the other crap that it brings with it. Only interested in the icons and the AVI files.
  21. Is there a method of removing an individual component after the installation of Xpize? For example, I wanted to change my logon screen back to normal, but want to keep everything else?
  22. Nah, I can't man. That wouldn't be fair to him. I have an old AMD athlon if you would like that. Heck, it may even work! Like 1.4Ghz or something...
  23. Hey again We settled and he refunded the money lastnight. He's somewhat irrate and swears up and down that he's right, but I don't want to risk ruining a board. He didn't ask for the cpu back, but I'm going to mail it back anyway. Thanks all for the advice!
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