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  1. Thank you, Nerdistmonk. It can be helpful who still wants to extremely slimdown Win7. For me, I will go with your version. Will give it a try.
  2. I was able to reduce my Win7 64-bit Home Premium OS with RT7 Lite and I am happy that I was able to remove some of the components not needed by me. Here is the attached settings file. Anyone is welcome to modify for their use. It may not be the slimmest version. Use it as starting point. I would also suggest (someone had also previously mentioned) give RT7 Lite a try. A BIG Thank You to Dead0 and Liquid. Happy Slimming Down Win7 OS. rt7.inf
  3. saw the earlier post, but cannot figure it out how to apply through GImage or Imagex. For the time being, I might have to settle with full blown win7. Thanks for your effort. Will keep an eye on Slimmer. Best of Luck.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Will try over the weekend.
  5. In the removal.bat you have ATI listed for removal. How can I edit the removal.bat so that it does not give me an error while updating ATI drivers. It is not allowing me to download ATI drivers. Any suggestions, how to remove the components listed in the removal.bat. I am using Win7 64-bit, AMD processor, Gigabyte 870 Motherboard, ATI 4770. Thanks in advance.
  6. I use autopatcher. Works for me at least. I hope it should work for you all. Using Windows XP 32-bit, SP-3.
  7. I have windows xp 32-bit installed on my desktop. recently i got 64-bit windows 7 DVD. How can I reduce windows 7 install size since I have xp as my OS. Or do i need to follow some other method. I downloaded WAIK for vista and win7, but cannot install as i have xp. i think i shud install win7 and then install waik and then follow this method. any suggestions, please help. thanks in advance.<br /><br />Edit: Problem sorted out. Downloaded WAIK for Vista, installed on Win7 64-bit and followed the guide. No problem. Testing and updating the system is pending.<br /><br />Thanks a lot for your help. Update: Not able to download and install ATI card drivers. aborted the project for now. May be will check again after 1 year, by then somebody have might have sorted out the problem and it will be tested by many users.
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