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  1. how to add serial number with nlite addon maker ?

    ok i am sorry
  2. how to add serial number with nlite addon maker ?

    but i foun in nlite add on maker nero 6 with key ? ok sir i m relly sowi for my QUE. /SILENT /NOREBOOT /SN=xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx /WRITE_SN what is this ????????????????
  3. how to add serial number with nlite addon maker ?

    just give me ans in yes or no plz sir
  4. i am using universal silent switch finder for silent switch nLite add on maker for cab files i my Question is.. how to add serial number in software using nlite add on maker there is other way....? i have lots of software which use serial and patch for install. with the silent switch they install easy but only trail version..... any one tell me the method to add serial or patch during making cab file
  5. Experts help me making shell32.dll

    i solved my prov ownslf no need more help. thanx for msfn now i need just a little thing can i change .mp3 .dat .flv .wav .jpg icon in my xp cd ?
  6. @spriditis THANx for useful info
  7. i am really sorry now just give me simple ans is it work if i change TUKernel.exe to NTOSKRNL.ex_ by using makecab command in cmd and place it into the i386 folder in my xp cd bootscreen will changed ????????????????
  8. Listing Of Shell32.dll icon

    there is any app which work easly to change shell32.dll icons
  9. kill me before i kill you

  10. dear frend u need to use modifype command u need to do these step showing in tutorial CLICK ON ME FOR TUTORIAL
  11. am working on my own XP CD I want XP folder My Computer and explorer.exe as 'Soccer Style' I am not perfect in making or editing shell.dll any one help me to make shell32.dll for me like Soccer Style and also give me ans of my que.. Is it work??? if I change shell32.dll in shell32.dl_ by using the makecab command in cdm and replace it into xp cd i386 folder with orignal shell32.dl_ to my own shell32.dl_ ? i am waiting for your ans....
  12. help me how to change

  13. i am new here give me step by step tutorial plz or upload video on youtube plz where i place boot screen file in xp cd ???????????
  14. hello all m new in this forum sir please guide me how to change xp bootscreen with nlite in google search i found this url http://www.msfn.org/board/xp-logonui-boot-screens-f42.html but when i click on this it open homepage plz give me clear tutorial for change bootscreen 2nd. also i want to change installation wallpaper 3rd. set my own wallpaper in first boot also help me how to set own wallpaper i want xp desktop come with my own wallpaper 4th. i am a soccer player i want my xp like soccer or fifa style, i mean there is a way 2 change folder icon and my computer icon as football icons ???? i search for themes in google but i gt nothing.................................