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  1. help me please. i edited the file WINNTBBU.DLL and checked it with XPreview. i copied it instead of the original and than made some editing with the nlite and compiled the iso. when i tried to install my xp while copying the install files it said it cant copy the file WINNTBBU.DLL i tried to press retry few times and then to skip this file. the install went normal with my editted WINNTBBU.DLL. how can i fix the error messege of the copy?
  2. yes you right. i am just a little afraid to mess to much with registry.
  3. do you know where can i find them and guides for them? and is there a reason you dont use them? arent they good or what?
  4. thanks! but icq is just one of many programs... isnt there a way maybe somehow that will find all the install options availiable? i saw something from autoit that makes someting like a catch of the install process and records all the changes i do while i install but i could not understand how it works.... maybe there is a guide for this thing or something like it? cause i dont want to post the same question about every program i want to install and then make you or someone else search for me. i am not an expert with registry but i think there must be someway to make such things easier for me and others
  5. hi i am new. i am sorry if its a stupid question but i tried now icq 5.1 with wpi. the ussf added /s so the install is silent and its good. but it installed the icq toolbar and made icq the regular search engine... so how can i change the install options for icq and for other programs? is there an easy way such as the ussf which just added the /s ? thanks