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  1. it decide Usb irq & ehci/uhci seting by bios h55mxv work~ 3 0: 26: 0 8086h:3B3Ch.06h 105B0DD5h 0C0320h EHCI USB Controller 5 0: 29: 0 8086h:3B34h.06h 105B0DD5h 0C0320h EHCI USB Controller i did try another h55 mb don't work usb2.0 driver
  2. i bought this card hkd$85 VIA VT6130 PCI-E GIGABIT NETWORK CARD works under win98se i haven't gigabit network switch to test,just testing 10baseT/100baseTX~ it using via.com.tw offcial driver(7-Aug-2008) "Velocity Family Gigabit LAN driver version 3.1"
  3. i gave up a realtek network card .i will try to via vt6130 pcie network card Sec channel can to use DVD-rw is fine~ anyway thank you a suggest
  4. Foxconn H55MXV is work~ but on board sound /vga don't have driver on board network have driver,not working i am using the pci sound card & network card and use pcie 7600gt(nv82.69 driver still shutdown problem) usb 2.0 is working pri. channel (2device) hdd is working at "dma" (not safe mode) sec. channel some driver problem,it can using sata dvd-rw rom
  5. H55 (ich8 -ich10 & p55 & h55 "Bus Master IDE controller") i tested mod inf. DUAL IDE CHANNEL Enabled "only primary channel" can using two sata deivce for normally normal speed @ocz vertex --------------------------------- update:24-8-2010 can using dvd-rw rom at "sec channel" just edit i/o value "FF90-FF9F" to FF00-FF0F
  6. Using SATA Drives, that don't have Windows 9x compatable RAID Drivers, requires my SATA Patch. May I download your sata Patch? THX~
  7. did your mobo workng on ide? i using h55 using sata(IDE mode) @ \!/ <- & can't using usb 2.0
  8. i using Ocz Vertex 30G on win98 & winflp(xp core). just testing SSD speed by crystalmark. why different speed on same hw config. THX A LOT~ FLP(XP CORE) SequentialRead 196.06 MB/s (5921) SequentialWrite 135.24 MB/s (4704) RandomRead512K 156.96 MB/s (5139) RandomWrite512K 123.11 MB/s (4462) RandomRead 4K 119.50 MB/s (4390) RandomWrite 4K 72.49 MB/s (2899) 98 SequentialRead 153.15 MB/s (5063) SequentialWrite 137.62 MB/s (4752) RandomRead512K 136.04 MB/s (4720) RandomWrite512K 108.83 MB/s (4176) RandomRead 4K 118.51 MB/s (4370) RandomWrite 4K 74.83 MB/s (2993)
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