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  1. 1 Run windows command (old call d.o.s.) 2 write in the prompt "expand -r namefile.dl_" 3 Edit you file new 4 Write "makecab namefile.dll" 5 Copy &paste you file in folder i386
  2. PLease say how make this change please!
  3. Thx for you reply... one more question, how edi or change this text "Please wait..." while instal xp
  4. Hi First you used command "expand -r namefile.dl_" in d.o.s. Later edit you file new Finally used command "makecab namefile.dll"
  5. Nothing file kernel is for this screen... the ntoskrnl (or other file) only are for bootscreen... i'm need change opr edit this screen, with text "please wait"

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