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  1. Thanks for you response. The C: drive is where I am capturing the image and the usb is where the wim file is. If I do it via GimageX then it captures all OK. I would like to use the HTA to capture and restore but if its not possible then it looks like GImageX. Just wanted a simpler screen for the engineers Thanks again Dicko
  2. Got that working now thanks but I have moved on a step. I am running all this in windows pe 3.0, the HTA file and storage. When I try to run the create or append a new wim option I follow it and it says that the image has been created or appended but when I look into it a bit further or refresh the HTA there is nothing else added either file wise or to the appended image. I ran the command manually in dos screen and it throws up an error about disk space. I have the new wim file or appending file on a 1TB USB hard drive formatted in NTFS and created via diskpart. There is 400GB left on the disk and the wim file is only about 5GB. If I do it manually with GImagex to the same USB hard drive then the image creates OK or appends OK. Any ideas ? Thanks Dicko
  3. Hi Am I right in thinking that there is no HTA support on the Make_PE 3 software. I created my customised boot and its not supported. When I do mount and add it to the boot.wim file and then unmount it doesnt like the following boot up and it errors out just before the windows 7 logo shows up. If I swap it for the backed up boot.wim it works fine but without HTA support. Is there another way of updating a customised make_pe 3 boot disk ? Just to add, I can get a new WinPE3 file created and boot from a USB Hard drive but as soon as I overwrite the files on my current 1TB usb hard drive they will not boot up Thanks Dicko
  4. Hi I have managed to create a wim file with several images. I have taken a basic windows XP image and then several different images from different laptops. When I try to restore one of the newer images it takes less than 5 minutes to do but it only puts on the folder structure and no files ? Do I have to restore the basic image first and then the newer image on top, if so is there no way of doing both at the same time? I though it would put the image back that you requested and pull the relevant files ? Thanks Dicko
  5. Hi Thanks very much for your reply. I managed to get the VBS script working to pull the Machine Names, Model and Memory installed. Will look into this deeper and see what I can find. Thanks again Dicko
  6. Hi This is a fantatsic tool. 2 additions I am trying to add to the HTA is the Description of the Images in the WIM file. I have edited the NAME section to see if I could get it but I would like to show both Name and Description for all the images within the WIM file ? The other I am trying to add is information about the machine I am going to deploy to. I would like the Serial Number and Machine Model. I have added the vbs script to my HTA file but I cant seem to get it into the HTA. Probably I would like to put this above the Disk Information. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance Dicko
  7. Were the wireless drivers processed by Dism during build ? After booting with pe3_x86.iso you can use Driver Fix from desktop to install the drivers and start WLAN Service. Check in Device Manager if your Network card is installed. See if your netdriver.inf is located in X:\Windows\inf folder. Start PENetwork is neede for Connect and Authentication. Program AddOnns are preferred to be portable and go in PStart menu. Sorry for the delay in reply but I fixed this by putting it in a folder Make_PE3\PE3_mod\WIN7_drivers\x86\W\ and then made another folder called IW and dropped the driver files in there. When I packaged it all together it worked fine and installed the drivers on boot. I was trying to put the drivers folder in the x86 folder where the text file said you could.....but it never worked until I moved it down a tier Thanks again PS is there any more additions in the pipeline for the future ?
  8. Hi I am new to this Make_PE3 but its a great tool and I have managed to edit it to change the wallpaper and icons on the desktop but I have had no look in adding the wireless driver for the 5100 AGN. I have added the folder with the windows 7 drivers in to the folder Make_PE3\PE3_mod\WIN7_drivers\x86 as it says in the text file documentation but it still does not work. Could someone tell me where I am going wrong ? I have had the ralink wifi working on another machine but was not sure if this was built in. Is there going to be any more add ons to this as its an amazing tool. Thanks in advance Martyn

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