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  1. getting new video card

    7900/7950's beat the 8600's in every aspect I have seen. I dont think they are worth it. I wouldnt buy anything less then a 8800gts in the 8 series.
  2. How does MSN Messenger work behind a FW?

    Ports 6891-6900 enable File send, Port 6901 is for voice communications.
  3. Before you get started you need to configure your router to forward port 3389 to the router. Now if you do not have a static ip then you will want some sort of a dynamic dns account. If your router supports Dynamic DNS use www.dyndns.com and sign up for one. Then put the info into the router and it will forward your ip to that domain :-D If your router does not support it you need something like http://www.no-ip.com its the same deal but it uses software on the server to update it instead. http://www.helpwithwindows.com/WindowsXP/howto-14.html thats a decent tut. on how to setup the actual RDC Good luck!
  4. Sli or no

    Dont get DFI at all buy an asus DFI's are terrible and always go bad
  5. High Vs Low density memory

    Sure will. I have the same MB. You usually only run into that problem with OEM boards some compaqs,hps,dells,etc are picky...
  6. best socket 939 motherboard with SLI?

    I honestly cant believe you guys think DFI makes good motherboards.
  7. best socket 939 motherboard with SLI?

    The motherboard was a huge mistake and there is probably no reason to buy an opteron you probably should have got an athlon x2 or some sort. With the motherboard though... DFI's go bad like there is no tommorow you have no idea how many of those I have replaced. Out of all the brands I'd say they go bad the most BY FAR. Have fun with with m8. Asus is always the way to go.
  8. Getting new PC

    1st of all intel is expensive and slow. 2nd of all build your own you will be much more happy with how it comes out. Just use good parts :-D
  9. Burn-ins

    After every build at work we do a burn in. We do not set it up to the more stressful in ever catagory but we do run it at about 50-75%. This is just to try and catch bad hardware before we give it to the customer. Hard drives and motherboards are the most frequent things to go bad and they can even be bad brand new.
  10. North Bridge Question

    Oh god yes. Via was still a little bit faster than an nforce3 but all the new nforce4 boards should be way faster. BTW that is if you are going to build an AMD system. I do not do a lot of intel builds so I am not sure what is best for them ATM. If you need help pickin out a board id also be happy to help. It will be an asus though :-p
  11. North Bridge Question

    Yep. Buy a motherboard with a sis chipset then one with an nforce4 chipset and you will be surpised in the difference. CPUs are not the only factor in speed.
  12. Best Motherboard Chipset?

    Btw you 4got Ali and ATI Nforce 4 chipsets are just amazing, period. Idk why anyone would say intel. They make for a very stable board yes, but they are nothing special. Remember they pushed for rambus which when benchmarked was barely faster than pc133 and ddr 266 ruined it which is sad for a 800mhz chip. VIA can be a close second I suppose they are cheaper than Nforce and they now support dual memory and after all they have been making chipsets for a long time.
  13. MSN Messenger LITE

    I've used gaim since the original version for windows. It used to pretty much suck but now it stable and supports a lot of clients in one IM window. I recommend it!
  14. my new comp

    Not to be mean but um 1. Why an Opteron you should get a reg. 64bit althlon. 2. DFI makes TERRIBLE motherboards 3. NEC cant make a cd-rw to save their lives 4. and the wireless card is a lik cheap but its yours not mine :-D
  15. Monitors - Which is better?

    Ya the samsung has better specs by far but you have to keep in min NEC is THE MFG of crts. IMO no one makes a better one but you DEF. pay for it with an NEC. Id say just try the samsung :-p