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  1. many for example regsnap just use google and search there reg snapshot koszopal
  2. go here http://xpcreate.com/ and read koszopal
  3. i think $oem$\$$\system32\oobe there koszopal
  4. hmm u put oobeinfo to $oem$\$$\system32\oobe ? hmm and i did u deleted OOBEINFO.IN_ from i386 ? koszopal
  5. here is my XPCTDOWN.PLK.txt for 2KP - PLK koszopal XPCTDOWN.PLK.txt
  6. @stuntgp2000 ive got installed dx9c too 1st im installing on cmdlines ie6sp1 2nd on runonexe im installing dx9c + other apps and at end installing all hothixes here is my runoneexe.cmd here is my directx.cmd
  7. @stuntpg2000 hi this is my way (without any explorer.exe crash) 1) im installing ie6sp1 on cmdlines.txt here is my cmdlines.txt my ie.cmd i hope its helps u koszopal
  8. hmm u could try put pause command on end your cmd file (remove cmd /hide too on start )
  9. search on this on http://unattended.msfn.org/ koszopal
  10. @jazkal thx for help its works i musted add in same folder "Program files" folder from iso and its worked koszopal
  11. hmm after sp2 installation on windows update i ve got now one more critical kb873374 (if i remember it was something ab gdi+ update and office) koszopal
  12. @mct ive tryed by ECHO. ECHO Installing VMware Tools Setup start /wait %systemdrive%\install\vmware\setup\setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\install\vmware\setup\setup.iss" but i think its hangs on "installing SVGA drivers" phase koszopal
  13. @bucketbuster ive tryed but didnt find any interesting(i searched "any day") @mct hmm i dont know but i ve got windows.iso and there is setup.exe ive tryed install this on runonexex phase but either by autoit and wshell didt work it just hangout there when installing svga driver
  14. hi is any way to install this tools on @t-12 or @t-13 or RunOnceEx ? koszopal
  15. Didn't understand what you ask really. If you need a languagepack, you can simply install it directly after the netfxsp1.exe. As far as I know a languagepack cannot be 'slipstreamed' into a .NET-Adminsitrative-Install-Point. But as the resulting netfxsp1.exe runs like charm from svcpack.inf there is no problem to install the languagepack directly afterwards. But there are also localized-builds of the .NET-1.1-package, so it might be a good idea to use them instead of the default english one. But I haven't got any problems with the english-packages, even when I install a german-languagepack afterwards. Anyhow you can change the language at the microsoft-links I posted above and get the right one for you. The batch should work with every version. It might be possible to create a 7z-languagepack-installer to save some bytes. Hmm, will see if this would bring any benefit. ok i just want to have not only net. 1.1 + sp1 but with langpack too now im using rar sfx with launch.bat start /w netfx.msi /qn start /w langpack.msi /qn but with your metod size of exe is ab 1 mb lower comparing to winrar metod im asking how to using your script not only start but langpack too (msiexec.exe /i langpack.msi /qb)? koszopal
  16. you should'nt have D:\XPCD\&OEM&\&1\Install but you should have D:\XPCD\$OEM$\$1\Install koszopal
  17. and your catalog tree from which u making iso koszopal
  18. ive got wmp.cmd and it's first line on my scvpack.inf in update catalog cmdow @ /HID MPSetup.exe /Q:A /R:N /C:"setup_wm.exe /DisallowSystemRestore /Q:A /R:N" EXIT i think for wmp10 should work too koszopal

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