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  1. For silent installation of version 5 using the parameter /S (case sensitive), but this way it installs all the tools of protection. Individuals can not I install all the tools (eg, protection for e-mail)
  2. Look at the regedit.exe HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software. There you should, finding data on the software you seek to export the registry information. After finding the information you want right click and go to export option. If more than one key that you wish to export, export after the merge the information using notepad. PS: Sorry my english, I'm using Google translator
  3. Thanks, I created a virtual machine and install Windows XP in English. After creating the managed package version 10. Thanks again, nice work.
  4. The language of my Windows XP is PTBR, because it can not generate an installation package avira 10. When I start creating the package is downloaded Avira 9 (PTBR). How can I solve this problem? Or possibly someone could create a package of Avira 10 that put the icons in the start menu? Thank you. PS: Sorry my english, I'm using Google translator.

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