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  1. Hello! Only replacing system files in wim image for addon. (sorry my bad english) Win7 mp11 work in after setup.
  2. Hello! How to create addons for media player 11 in windows7? I try creating addon but no replace win7 system files! How to replace system files in addon? Thanks Gabee
  3. Hello! Hungarian language add: ;Case $Lang = Hungary Case $Lang = "hu-HU" $title = "Új eszköztár - Válasszon egy mappát" $programs = "[CLASS:MSTaskListWClass; TEXT:Futó alkalmazások]" It's work. Thanks Gabee.
  4. Hello! Not unpack UPX compressed exe. Upx version 3.7 and replace new version upx.exe in bin directory. (and original upx file is not unpack) Error messenge: UNRAR 4.01 freeware Copyright © 1993-2011 Alexander Roshal C:\Ihu.exe is not RAR archive No files to extract PeId: Entrypoint:00C647F0 EP Section:UPX1 File Offset:00215BF0 First Bytes:60,BE,00,F0 Linker Info:5.0 UPX 0.89.6 - 1.02 / 1.05 - 2.90 -> Markus & Laszlo Sorry my bad english. Thanks Gabee
  5. Hello! Hungarian translate update and link it, please include. Hungarian translate

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