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  1. Hobbyist with attitude

    Ive only owned a computer for about 2 years now, so I am a complete and total noob. But even I wonder how a TEXT based internet can attract so many illiterate people. Thats just my 2 cents. I never even tried XPlode, but in this thread I felt your pain.
  2. A topic like this requires that someone ask a question that is handled in a topic on page 2 of the forums.
  3. Thanks a lot .. anyway to tell which inf is going to use which install method? I had a couple error out on me?
  4. well how would i force an install of an inf file though runonceex.cmd, the equivelent of right clicking on the inf file and selecting "install" A) my chipset drivers wont automatically install B) im just now testing wmp10 on sp2 final, and i need its inf file installed. i am attempting to install part B inf through winnt.sif
  5. XP SP1 & HD > 137GB problem

    windows supports it .. just dont have it enabled in the regristry... id really like to see an installer hack that would let you install windows on a >137GB harddrive
  6. SATA, is it worth it?

    Ummm yea seagate has sata native harddrives. sata1 had not changed in the previous six months or so before its release. im running a 2.8c @ 3.15GHz and it whomps the crap outta my amd 2500+ barton @ 3200+. And fi you still wanna complain about sata, try raid0 on an overclocked southbridge, start up some GTA-VC and imagine goin from island to island and thinking its a video card issue and not really it loading the next island off the harddrive (maxtors .. not sata native, but dont tell their speeds that), so yea go for sata, and feel comfortable because sata 1 & 2 are supposed to be backwards compatible, and sata 2 & 3 are supposed to be backwards compatible also, make the upgrade process able to be spread out over a longer period of time and less of a hit to your wallet.
  7. unattended Window media player 10 setup?

    Any info for SP2 final ???? I will probably be testing it tonight