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  1. This Firefox MSI is promising... http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.ph...49acf8e70071f13
  2. Well.... if you search for openoffice in the forums search function (Top Right, three from the right) you would have come across this... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...8&hl=openoffice This is all everyone should need.
  3. what is the output folder for? is that the install folder?
  4. cool.... then what is done about file associations? as normally during install this is taken care of. Im starting to think this is going on the 'to hard' list.
  5. if someone WANTS to install MPC rather than just copying the files how does one go about that silently and add accosications? Or how do you just add the associations during unattended installation?
  6. what is this program? EDIT: dont worry... bigfix solved the problem. thanks all
  7. I have searched but haven't come aross the switches. does anyone know what they are?
  8. I am currently using LeechGet in my PC and in the XPCD but I thought I would find out what others are using. For me I need something that supports Firefox Getright 5.2 DAP 7 LeechGet FlashGet Just use the Firefox DM Or Other.... Please help me and if possible add the switches when you answer so there can be a little DM switch Database.
  9. cool.... and who would I do that as all the files in the setup.exe are f_03000 and none of these are over 5 meg.
  10. Is there a way to reduce the installation file of OpenOffice? By reducing i mean taking out parts that I would rather not install?
  11. Hi.... im back from the USA. Great to be home!! For those who wanted the PSD file.... sorry it took so long, the link is at the original post at the top.
  12. sorry guys... Im on holidays in America... haven't been on-line much! lol I cant get the pic to you atm but feel free to edit the jpgs. I'll up the psd files when I get back to australia. (start of november)
  13. Am I able to stop quickstart from being install with OO? Or is there a setting in the response.txt that will disable it for me? Thanks.
  14. I just made a couple of covers for my XPCD on blue one white. If you lke them feel free to take them. ** for those who asked, the PSD file ** RAR'd PSD File XPCD #1 Blue XPCD #2 White
  15. http://www.k-litemegacodecpack.com/index.p...t=silentinstall For me though It looks like it's installing media player even though I say not to in my inf and it's not totally silent (QT Alternative was fixed by using /VERYSILENT) Will this work?
  16. Got heaps of them.... from this site: http://www.avatarity.com/category/14/ I like to collect cool avatars... don't know why! I actually collect heaps of graphics that I will probably never use or look at again, but when I want to make something i've always got lots of clipart hanging around. * sorry for off topic stuff
  17. All the information is prob better in the 'cleanup.cmd' witch it better than using batch files. (IMO) Copying Files: COPY /Y "%systemdrive%\install\RegClean\RegClean.exe" %systemdrive%\Program Files\RegClean\" Changing Attributes: ATTRIB +R +H "%programfiles%\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\install.dat" Moving Files: MOVE "%programfiles%\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\plug_ins\*.*" "%programfiles%\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\Optional" Deleting Files: DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Desktop\Java Web Start.lnk" Removing Directories: RD /S /Q "%AllUsersProfile%\Documents\My Music\Sample Music\"
  18. My question is how is your installation skinned? mine is the old style windows until reboot....
  19. will be today... will confirm later but since it is from the microsoft site it should be ok.
  20. Yes, this is possible, if you would simply have searched the forum or google... i think it is right that you have told them to look before asking.... but you should still try to help. give them the link. Only repeat offenders should be ignored.
  21. EDIT: it was on the page you were talking about, [other] WindowsMediaPlayerSkin=Holiday.wmz Cheers!

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