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  1. My apologies in advance if this has been asked and answered already, but I've spent hours searching to no avail on this specific problem: For over a decade I've been using cheap so-called Windows98 keyboards with the 3 power button set to turn my rig on and off. Whether the sleep and wake keys worked I can't say because I don't remember ever using them. But recently, I installed 98SE on a P4C800-e and find that both the power as well as the sleep key put the machine into standby mode, or simply don't work at all, depending on which settings in BIOS I twiddle. I've already tried several keyboards of different makes and model, all of which work as expected when using XP. The original machine was built around a Soyo SY-6BA+IV with Award bios and a BX440 chipset while the newer P4C800 has an AMI bios and 875 chipset. The real question is if anyone around here has gotten the power key on the keyboard to work in win98SE on a P4C800 or similar mobo. For completeness, PSU is an Enermax 720W Infiniti, no SATA drives currently attached, the only PCI card is an internal 56k software modem. Also, I've already perused the MS articles on shutdown issues. Still, there must be something I've missed. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, bob
  2. Sorry to butt in, but now you have me confused. I have a P4C800e and a P4P800e, both with ICH5R as well as integrated Promise SATA/RAID. It was my understanding that to use 98SE on either a single SATA drive or in SATA RAID0, it would have to be on the board's Promise port(s). Am I misinformed, or is there a way to make the ICH5R ports recognize 98SE? I am mostly interested in dual booting 98SE with XP and would really like to put them both (on separate partitions hidden from each other) on the ICH5R in RAID0. Thanks, bob
  3. Cyker, Thanks for the input. So if it were you, would you just stick with the 6800GT or do you think it would make enough of a difference to be worth picking up a BFG 7800 GS, given that I'm stuck in AGPland for the foreseeable future. Also considering that I've got a 2nd P4C800-e with an X1650Pro (yeah, I know its not that great either, but does outperform the 6800 somewhat). But I don't use it much since with no drivers, its not worth putting Win98 on the machine. It would be nice to get an NVIDIA AGP card that would run in both 98SE and XP while at least matching the X1650's performance, but we can't always get what we want (sorry for the Mick Jagger pun). Bob
  4. Hey guys, How about the XFX 7900GS AGP 256MB DDR3? Is it worth using in 98SE? There's one available but I was told that hardware acceleration would be disabled in Win98. Does that sound right, and if so is that also the case for the other 7x series cards such as BFG 7800GS, etc? I currently use an Asus V9999/TD/256 (6800GT 256Mb DDR3) card in a dual boot 98SE/XP rig based on a P4C800-e. Is there even any point in upgrading to a GF 7 Series card on this system (when using 98SE that is)? Thanks, Bob
  5. Hi there, Could some kind soul explain how (assuming its even possible) to have NUSB preload during Win98SE either via custom.inf or MSBatch.inf? I've already tried this by using infinst but I don't know how to call _start.bat so NUSB never installs. I have already searched MSFN and the Web in general for info but as yet have not found anything but references to using the (apparently no longer available) OPK for win9x. Thanks in advance, bob.

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